Thursday practice

Here is how the Kings skated today:




It was a “therapy” day for Ivanans, who is nursing an injury that has lingered for a couple days, according to Terry Murray.

Kyle Clifford, Marc-Andre Cliche and Andrew Campbell were not on the ice, so there is little mystery there…

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  • mike knows blake

    I think the only reason we see Drewiske over Doughty is the fact that Dean is trying to hold off on too much youth in the lineup. I think next year we see him for sure.

  • kevin e.

    Clifford was sent down to his junior team, Barrie. Campbell and Cliche was sent down to Manchester.

  • Milton Waddams

    My guess is that Cliche and Campbell are off to Manchester & Clifford is back to Barrie. And it looks like Richardson and Harrold are going to be the healthy scratches once the season starts. I’m liking how the roster is shaping up.


    Not gonna lie, that Defense looks mighty good and the goaltending tandem we have is awesome…

    Next year I think we’ll have a COMPLETE team…Even this year we may be in for a big surprise as far as Kings success goes

    Once Schenn cracks the line up we’ll be in sweet position

    Imagine our 4th line being Schenn, Clune and Westgrath

    No one will wanna F with us

    I hope Smyth and Williams has all-star seasons…and if they do…DEEP Breathe….THIS TEAM CAN and WILL win the Cup….! Exhale!

  • Dannybuoy1
  • jet

    One last amusing item for the day, from HF’s preview of Sault Ste. Marie, “Jordan Nolan will be looked upon to pace the offense”.

  • jack

    what happened to Mikus when was he cut

  • Sybil227

    Seems a little strange to Odie practicing with the team when he’s suspended…?

  • Nick in 318

    SO excited for Kings hockey this year…
    personally i’d rather see Hickey make the team than Drewiski… first off to see somebody wear #4 to get the sour taste of Rob Blake out of our organizations mouth (personally i dont want to see 4 retired with Blakes name on it)…
    I’d like to see each defensive pairing with an offensive Dman and a Dfensive Dman… the perfect example would be
    Doughty – OD
    Johnson – Scuderi
    HICKEY – Greene…

    i think he needs time at the NHL level already… bring him in so he can mature with JJ and Doughty… not after them

  • KellyHrudey

    I was at the practice today. I have to say Simmonds was SO impressive. Truly a stand out in all aspects of his game. That 3rd line will be very productive.

    The 1st line also looked very strong. they have tremendous presence and speed. They are meshing well. Smyth certainly showcased his ability to clean up the garbage up front.

    If nothing else, we will have an exciting season.

    On a side note…Rich, any comments from Kings mngt regarding Gretzky’s resignation? Any consideration(either for the short-term or long-term)being given to bring him back to LA to coach?

    TM is taking the team in teh right direction….but at some point we need consider bringing in someone who will take the team to the next level.


  • Marc Nathan

    how did Clune survive the bludgeoning of the C’s?

  • R.E.M. Murray


  • PaulCat1969

    Ladies and Gentleman…your opening night line-up:


    Healthy Scratches – Richardson & Harrold


    Healthy Scratch – Martinez

    Manchester – Hickey (Tough call for me but the kids a little more seasoning and needs a little more experience but I think if Martinez struggles, Hickey will be up before you know it)


    Manchester – Bernier (needs to play everyday but he will back soon)

  • TB

    Kelly Hrudey…I highly doubt Gretz has been considered or will be considered. He has no playoff coaching experience, so before even opening that can of worms consider how he doesn’t know what the ‘next level’ is as a coach. Great player, but so far terrible coach. My 2 cents…

  • Otto

    you think gretzky can take the team to the next level? he couldnt even get phoenix to the playoffs, whats to think he could do it for the kings?

  • Dan H.

    There’s no way Schenn stays to play 6 minutes a game on the 4th line. They need him to develop and play big minutes which he could do in juniors.

    Gretz hasn’t proven a coach to get a team to the next level so I doubt he’s coming in.

    Man this team looks great on defense and in goal for a change. The big IF’s are at forward. If Kopitar, Brown, JW, and Purcell can produce this is going to be a great year….if not…early golfing again.

  • Geno

    So they need to make 3 more cuts to get down to 23. Likely cuts as follows:

    Martinez, Schenn, and Ersberg. Rich, what do you think to cuts will be?

  • jet

    Tippett is a great fit.

    KellyH — thnks for the Simms info

  • tkecanuck341

    Paulcat…I agree with you on the starting lineup except for two things.

    First, O’Donnell is suspended for the first two games of the regular season, so Martinez will be in the lineup.

    I also think that Ivanans will get the nod over Westgarth.

  • EASportsMgt

    I think PaulCat1969, said it right. Martinez is the seasoned pro, even if it is only one full year at Manchester. But ask anyone who sees him skate and they will tell you he is probably the best skater on the ice. Not the fastes, but technique, he is incredible. Not to mention that Hickey, although a great player and will play for the Kings soon, needs to develop by playing more minutes and not as a healthy scratch. And, for salary cap purposes, Martinez give DL more flexibility with less cap hit. He is the go to guy in this case and I think he will produce when he plays. Martinez is the smart choice, and DL is a smart man.

  • Why would it be strange for OD to be practicing with the team? He’s still on the team. He is still expected to play as soon as the suspension is lifted.

    If he isn’t practicing with the team he is slowly becoming out of sync with them. And, if he can’t develop that with the team during games he’s gotta do it in practice.

    As for Drewiske, seeing him in practice gives me the feeling he has some offensive upswing. I think he works good for that pairing with Greene. He also has a lot of guts and will just develop more while playing next to Greene.

  • JB

    MN: Well it’s pretty obvious the 3 sent down & Clune weren’t really competing for same spots. Clune along w/ West/Ivanans are your enforcers but Clune seems to be a little more versatile. Unlike Richardson or Harrold he can fight. Only thing Harrold has going at this point is he can drop back to D in case of injury. So here is how I see opening night roster:

    *Ivanans & Westgarth don’t play together unless we play Ducks/Philly/Toronto or some other beefy team



    *Bernier gets told that 1st chance Ersberg falters or there is an injury he will get the nod so in other words don’t screw it up by pouting in Manchester.

  • PakiFro

    The battle for number 7 D-man is very intriguing. I’m wondering if there’ll be another waiver wire pick up. Perhaps someone not as useful as Quincey last year, but someone to fill in like a Gauthier-TYPE.

  • JJ4Pres

    Randy Jones comes to mind…….

  • R.E.M. Murray

    Interesting article by Pierre LeBrun, who I love on the HNIC Hotstove every Saturday, regarding the Kings defense corps. Has some DL quotes:

  • kopifan

    I’m sorry for bringing this up, guys, but have you considered Harrold as the guy who replaces OD for the first couple of games. I think the management will be thinking about that option as a safety net, mostly because he is experienced at NHL level.
    Now, if he plays well enough, everything is fine, but if not, you could possibly have two weaker links on the defence, with him and young Drewiske. But it’s good that there are two more exhibition games to figure out the best decision. (yes, I am bored and I want the season to start)

  • Cricket


    I actually see that as most likely to happen since Harrold is always described as “4th liner/7th dman.” And he does have the experience already