Murray, on the final roster cuts

Here’s what Terry Murray said today about the final decisions the Kings must make in order to get to the opening-night roster…

MURRAY: “It’s going to come down to splitting hairs here at the end, I think, with a couple of the decisions. To me, that’s a great thing. Last year it was very easy, in most cases. We were looking for players and we ended up having three rookies coming in and having an impact on our team. This year, with a year of experience in the minors for a lot of these guys, and the off-ice program and just the maturing and understanding that the culture has changed here, that there’s an attitude change and everybody has brought themselves ready to play the right way, it’s making it more difficult but that’s a good thing to have.”

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  • Gene Unterman

    This was a quote in a Blackhawks bog site doing a team by team season review. Who is this, do you know this site, are they nuts. I have no clue what they are saying. Thanks,Gene

    by Rudy Kelly from The Battle of Cali
    The Kings arent quite the black n white Oh God, I cant possibly answer a phone and cover my feet at the same time! stage of an infomercial, but theyre not the This blanket has sleeves, now I can watch my sons softball game in comfort! either. Imagine a sepia-toned clip where someone is forcing their leg through a Snuggie hole. Thats the Kings.

  • David

    hey Gene, you should youtube the “Snuggie infomercial” and maybe you will see… but honestly im not sure what to draw from that analogy; maybe that the future is becoming more set as pieces are falling into place and the team as a whole is trending up.

  • Quisp

    Gene –

    Nuts? Well, probably, but in the best possible sense. I love that blog. “Battle of California.” Let me see if I can find a link.

    Here’s one:

    And this post, in which he composes a Zeiler haiku:

    He is also responsible for making me spit purple kings juice out of my nose:

  • jet

    A 3rd rounder is looking pretty good about now.

    But it looks like Brian Boyle, for now, is on the outside looking in – unless the Rangers just decide that Anisimov, the AHL’s fifth-leading scorer last season, is poorly served if he’s buried on the bench. And Evgeny Grachev, who skated again today on a third line with Chris Drury and Ales Kotalik – keeping Avery’s seat warm – is may be one who could benefit by starting his pro career in Hartford.

    Read more:

  • brianguy

    since this post will surely have been your last work with the Daily News, good luck with the Kings, Rich!

  • wavesinair

    I get what TM is saying, but I don’t believe their decision is more difficult now than at this time last year. In fact, its really easy. Heres why

    1) As it stands, we have 26 players available for opening night. We had 27 but the decision on who to cut on defense was made by the suspension of OD. The 7 defensmen are automatically set.

    2) That leaves 3 cuts to be made to get down to 23. 1 goalie, and 2 forwards. The goalie decision is already made unless we are going to part with Ersberg or send Quick down, which I don’t see happening. Bernier starts in chester. Easy. Down to 25. Or, if we look at it the other way, we have 18 players set, 5 to go.

    3) If history is any indicator, TM loves his Knuckle Dragging Line. He wants toughness. So lets breakdown the rest in pairs. As has been reported, Ivanans is nursing an injury, which leaves both he and Westgarth likely to make the team because TM must have at least 1 healthy enforcer. However, even if Ivanans is 100%, I can see both guys easily making the team being that they are opposite wingers. Its not an “either or” situation at all. That makes 20 players, 3 to go.

    4) Clune and Harrold: Clune is really the only agitator left, plus he is a needed left winger. He stays. Harrold, love him or hate him, is a multipurpose renaissance man so he stays too.

    That makes 22 players with 1 spot left and 3 guys to choose from: Schenn, Lewis or Richardson.

    5) I think they already have their mind made up on Schenn to send him down because he doesnt fit the mold of what TM was talking about regarding making cut decisions. TM is clearly talking about guys that were in Manchester last yearyear older, mature, understanding culture, etc. Well know for certain tomorrow if Schenns not in the lineup vs. the Sucks. But whether he stays or not, it really doesnt matter because

    6) It all comes down to Lewis and Richardson. This is what I think TM is talking about when he said splitting hairs. Im sure to the discerning eye, one can see differences, but to me, they are basically the same player. Richardson has a lot more NHL experience and is 2 years older, but he seems like hes on a downward trend, whereas Lewis is on the uptick. Hes younger, a bit bigger and one would presume, hungrier. Tonight is a huge night for Lewis. Id say this is the biggest game of his career.

    So this is the only real decision left. If Schenn stays, both Lewis and Richardson go. If Schenn goes, its dealers choice. However, the safe bet is on Richardson, which makes 23. Done.

    Of course, I can be completely wrong about all of this


    SOD counts against the 23 limit while suspended. So there are only 22 other spots.



    Bernier or Ersberg

    That’s 21 names. You can add two more. Pick from Ivanans, Richardson, Harrold, Schenn, Hickey. I think they might keep Hickey up for a couple of games; might do the same for Schenn. Harrold, as you say, will be one of the press box scratches. Ultimately, I think Richardson and Ivanans are waived and Schenn goes to Brandon and Hickey goes to Manchester.

    For me, the biggest open question is Bernier. I can’t see them keeping Bernier up without dealing Ersberg first. DL isn’t just going to give Ersberg away. Maybe a deal is in the works. Or maybe Bernier will go down, as you predict. That’s where the safe money is.

    The Hickey/Martinez question is interesting, but I think Martinez wins that battle right now.

  • wavesinair

    Damn rules.

  • wavesinair

    Apparently you’re right on with the Martinez prediction. Murray all but said as much in the post game interview.