Clune out “a couple weeks”; roster thoughts

Rich Clune suffered a pulled groin muscle in Saturday night’s game and, according to Terry Murray, will be out “a couple weeks.” Murray declined to speculate whether the Kings would keep Clune on the NHL roster and put him on injured reserve if (as seems likely) he is unavailable for the start of the season.

Murray also indicated that Brayden Schenn will go back to juniors, so suddenly this whole roster situation is looking much less murky. Given the subtractions of Schenn and Clune (at least temporarily), it’s basically Harrold, Hickey, Ivanans, Lewis, Martinez, Richardson and Westgarth…seven players for six spots.

With Sean O’Donnell out for the first two games, it’s probably setting up a Martinez vs. Hickey choice.

As for the goalies, Murray wouldn’t tip his hand at all, as he praised both Ersberg and Bernier. In response to my direct question, Murray did say that Ersberg had proved he could handle the No. 2 goalie responsibilities.

It seems as though the players will learn their fates Tuesday morning at the latest.

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  • jet
    Most interesting comment was that the Kings could end up anywhere from in the playoffs to a bottom of the barrel team. Some truth to that.

  • NickDoh

    Great work already rich! It’s going to be a good season as a kings fan with your speedy updates! thanks!

  • Real7

    Westgarth should be gone imo….sorry to lose Clune; liked his style…has just the kind of grit that helps make winners….


    (Ivanans, Harrold)



    Clune goes on IR
    Hickey, Bernier to Manchester
    DL has two weeks to figure out who goes when Clune is back, the candidates being Richardson, Westgarth, Ivanans and Harrold (of which only Westgarth is waiver-exempt).

    I would sign Theo Fleury and dump Ivanans and RIchardson, but that’s just me. I think Clune/Fleury/Lewis could be an excellent fourth line.

  • Someone

    Definitely sad to hear of Clune in IR. We need someone like him in the lineup. He may only be a middle weight, but I’d rather have a middle weight that can give us 8-10 minutes a game than a heavy weight that doesn’t have enough skill to be trusted with more than 4 minutes–which is what both Ivanans and Westgarth seem to be.

    With Ivanans or Westgarth in the lineup, Murray will only roll three lines consistently. The Kings did that too much last year and they are doing it again this year…

    As for who goes down, I’d vote Westgarth. Until he shows he is better than Ivanans, he shouldn’t earn a spot on the roster.

  • markisonfire

    The only problem, ‘Kwisp’, is that Fleury’s deal with Calgary was top-6 or bust. I don’t know if he set those terms, but if so, I’m not sure that he would want a bottom-6 role on a different team.

  • EASportsMgt

    I’ve been saying it all along. Hickey v Martinez. Martinez is our guy. More Pro experience, lower cap hit, smart player, solid defensemen. Sorry Hickey, but Martinez will make the big club.

  • DellaNooch

    Kwisp – I’m glad someone mentioned Fleury, if he’ll take 4th line, then I say we get him…he is the ultimate competitor and can show these youngsters a little bit about winning and “never say die”.

  • alma

    Funny story…. I went to Vegas for the game and stayed at the MGM, and the Kings were staying there, too. At one point Saturday morning, I got on the elevator with Quick, Martinez, and Doughty (also met Doughty’s dad the day before), and they were a bit bleary-eyed. As they are standing there rubbing their eyes, Quick says to Martinez, “you look like crap.” Which Martinez retorted, “well, so do you!” Fun time, I highly recommend it.

    And I made it home just in time for puck drop at the Honda Center tonight. Man, am I tired….

  • RussMc

    Brayden Schenn, is likely to start the season with Manchester of the American Hockey League – so says the LA Times.

  • jet

    Looks like one third of the opening night roster will have less than 100 games experience. One more key to the season will be how these players grow.

  • wavesinair

    “Fleury’s deal with Calgary was top-6 or bust. I don’t know if he set those terms.”

    As far as I can tell, the flames didn’t want Fleury taking 3rd and 4th line minutes away from the young guys in the pipeline.

    I see that being a problem here as well, but I think having him, or perhaps Dan Hinote and his ring, as the 4th line center makes our team better, so too bad for Lewis, Richardson or Harrold. Plus, if we did snatch Hinote, we’d have Amy McCarthy to replace Rachel Hunter.

    Come on DL!

  • deadcatbounce

    Schenn is not eligible to play in manchester this year because he still has junior eligibility remaining.

  • wavesinair

    Fleury a King? Nope.

    “I could not sign with another team,” he said. “I retire a Calgary Flame.”

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