Postgame notes

— Ryan Smyth had a four-point night, with two goals and two assists. He was the third star of the game, behind No. 1 Bobby Ryan and No. 2 Ryan Getzlaf.

— Anze Kopitar had two goals and one assist and finished with a game-high eight shots on goal. No other Kings player had more than four shots.

— Erik Ersberg and Jonathan Bernier got an almost-entirely-equal split. Ersberg played the first 29:49 and allowed two goals on 14 shots. Bernier played the rest of the way and allowed three goals on 15 shots.

— The Kings went 3 for 7 on the power play and 3 for 4 on the penalty kill.

— Jack Johnson led the Kings in ice time, at 24:53. Anze Kopitar led forwards at 22:47.

— The Kings lost 59 percent of faceoffs. Brad Richardson went 2 for 8.

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  • markisonfire

    The boys probably partied a little too hard last night in Vegas.

  • Cricket

    Didn’t see the game, but if Bernier pouts for getting sent down after letting in 3 on 15, sorry dude, but this one’s on you.

    It sounds like he plays well and is getting better, but his other starts didn’t exactly light it up either.

  • Datacloud

    Meh. These pre-season games always mean very little. I remember four or five years ago when the line of Sim/Pirnes/Brown led the league in pre-season scoring.

    Bernier had an off-game, and my confidence in Ersberg has been shaky since he signed last season and promptly sucked ass. It sounded like the D let them down quite a bit tonight, with Fairy, Getzlaugh, and Bobby Brady having their way with them offensively. Even though Perry lives off of Getzlaf, and is a 50-point player at best without him, Ryan is the real deal unfortunately, so I’m not surprised they racked it up tonight. Our top line did the same, so it’s what I expect out of the final pre-season game.

    It looks like two of out PKers are going to be out for the start of the season. Otherwise, I think our special teams are going to be very good this season, with both in the top ten league-wide. Now if we can just get out of the gutter 5 on 5…

  • Ersberg

    We really need to get rid of the crap players. Lose Richardson and trade/waive Ivanans.

    Maybe Ersberg’s situation needs to be looked at more in depth. It may have been prudent to discuss a vet back-up to Quick, but it’s not happening at this point. I think having a vet goalie could/would have helped Quick, though.

  • Harry

    Ersberg, I agree. But we have the “coaching staff”

  • David

    Remind me again why Brad Richardson is on this team? What exactly does he bring to the table?

  • JJ4Pres

    Ivanans again with stupid penalties that cost us the game. I hope TM chewed him out for that. Sit him in the press box.

  • wavesinair

    “#1 is clear in my mind. Absolutely. Yeah, Quick is clearly to me the #1 goaltender. He played well throughout the camp. He earned the right to come into training camp as the #1 guy and now the decision is to be made on #2.” TM on the goaltending situation.

  • TB

    I was at the game last night, and a couple things stood out to me. Thought I’d share…

    1. As their points indicate, Kopi and Smyth have tremendous chemistry.
    2. Frolov took the night off…again. He was uninspired, and in one blairingly horrible incident he made a blind pass right up the slot in the defensive zone that was picked off for a grade A scoring opportunity.
    3. Frolov wasn’t the only one to turn the puck over. The Kings were terrible getting out of their own zone.
    4. Bernier was not to blame for two of the three goals he let in. The defense failed him. Especially Drewiskie. I expect to see him cut after his performance last night.
    5. Overall 5-5, the Kings couldn’t sustain any pressure. Period. If they had an offensive opportunity, it was shut down quickly and efficiently by the Ducks.
    6. JJ and Simmonds deserve credit for their effort. They both looked steps ahead of what we saw last year from them.
    7. Last and definitely least…Ersberg was TERRIBLE. No need to elaborate. I’m sure you can visualize a goalie F-ing up. Its the Kings…we’ve seen it for years and we all know what it looks like.

    There was a goal early in the first by Hickey (on the PP) that was disallowed because the official ruled that Smyth interferred with the goalie. It was a terrible call as Smyth was at least 3 feet away from Giguere. Its worth noting, because the very next shift, the Ducks scored their first goal. So although the game doesn’t matter, it wasn’t that bad of a permance by the Kings. I’d put this in the ‘tough loss’ category. However, the 5-5 issue is…well…a real issue.

  • 4thlinechecker

    I would agree with most, however I think Hickey was at fault on 2 of their goals. He moves the puck well, and he is a play maker, but he sure did get burnt and caught up ice a couple times

  • Bryan

    I haven’t been able to see any of the games this preseason, but I’ve been noticing from the blog and from the results that Johnson seems to be putting up numbers and getting a large chunk of ice time compared to others. I’m curious what people think as to the cause – whether it be that he’s development has warranted the time, or whether the coaches are giving him the time to judge/gauge his development???

    P.S. In all the ado in moving to the new post, Rich: is there any chance of one last open forum? One for the road, maybe???

  • nykingfan

    Has Stoll played in any of the pre-season games?

    From what I’ve read, it seems clear that Quick has held on to the #1 job this camp. It doesn’t sound like he’s played a poor game.
    As for the #2….is it better for Bernier to stay up as the #2 and get a limited number of games (assuming Quick stays #1) or is he better off getting demoted, but getting significant playing time?

    Tough call…..We all know what Ersberg is…He’s a nice #2 goalie but due to his size and frequent injury history, he’s never going to be more than that..IMO

    As for the 4th line issue…no matter which way you go with it….They’re nothing more than a few shifts a game line. You hope to get some energy out of them, but their isn’t much there to get excited about.

    The defense is where the toughest decisions are.
    What to do with Hickey? For those who have seen him play live, has he done anything to warrant being sent down to Manchester?
    I liked the steady play of Drewiskie last year, but his upside as compared to Hickey’s is not even close…


    I’ll say it again, signing EE to a 2 year contract was a horrible decision.

    Bernier got burned by a terrible defense. You can’t blame the goalie for a 3 on 1 break. I think he’ll be in Manchester even though he’s more deserving of being with the Kings. Let him and Quick fight it out.

    Ready for the regular season to start! Go KINGS!

  • wavesinair

    Stoll played in Vegas and had an assist. He also played in KC and got an assist but for some reason, I don’t think a box score exists…

  • nykingfan

    thanks waves..wasn’t sure if he was healthy enough to get in games before the season started.

    amazing that their wasn’t a boxscore or video from the KC game…I thought this was to attract some attention to the place…they hid it like it was an Iranian nuclear site.

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