Vegas reports?

For those of you who went to Frozen Fury — and if you did, you’re probably waking up right about…now — how was it? It always seems to be a fun trip, one I’ve never been able to make, but I definitely will next year!

Any highlights?

Today’s morning skate got canceled by the coaching staff, but I’ll be down in Anaheim tonight for the game.

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  • pr0cess

    ANy chance anyone has some vid of the game, love to see some of the goals?

  • Chris Bond

    First off wow my head hurts, It was a great game there was just over 11,000 people in attendance. Kings looked a little sloppy at the begining with a lot of passes missed or bouceing off sticks. Then Wayne Simmions kicked the crap out of somebody again. Blood all over the ice, Really got the crowd going.
    Kopi got a penalty shot for someone covering the puck in the paint. Made a nice little move and tucked it away.
    You know what really stood out to me was how hard Williams can shot the puck, and how good of a passer Ryan Smith is DAMN, one pass he made was soooo sick. I hope someone has tape of all this somewhere. I tried to video some stuff but was told I needed to put that camera away. I had to sneak in my good camera because they said it was pro equipment.
    Was a good time, had a blast!

  • macdup

    I kinda thought it was nasty bit of irony that the boys had to turn around and come play the Ducks the next day and not get enjoy a nice Vegas style bonding trip. Nothing like bringing a bunch of guys together like a night in Vegas. Who knows what I am talking about? Wait my wife is looking over my shoulder… got to go…

  • jet

    Rich — the archive link is missing at the bottom of the page. Is this temporary? I think I had Simm as one of my canidates for MVP last year, but I can not remember exactly. thx

    macdup — the boys were “there for the meat”.

  • Datacloud

    Well, they won, so I wasn’t there. What are they, 7-3 or something in Vegas? I’ve been twice to Frozen Fury…for the last two losses. Didn’t even get to see Simmonds play last year, and the two years before, the highlight of the game, and of his career with the Kings, was Roenick’s disco boogie.

  • wavesinair
  • Will Hutchison

    Frozen Fury was fantastic, again.

    Simmonds and Kopitar were very good, and Williams really had a couple of big blasts, but I’m still not sold at all with him at the point on the PP. Simmonds responded to a high hit to Jack Johnson with a serious beat down of that poor guy Hendricks. Simmonds started out throwing rights, then switched to the left and destroyed the guy with a huge punch that bloodied the guy and knocked him out of the game. Doughty was clearly a class above anyone else out there. At one point late in the third he broke up a 2 -1, and started a rush up ice in a fluid series of movements that was absolute magic.

    Without OD in the line-up, with a right handed shot in his place, the defense looked kind of confused, and the Avs capitalized on their shots early on. I would have much preferred to see Hickey in there. Martinez was not that good. Scuderi really keeps things simple.

    Westgarth makes Ivanans look like Glenn Anderson. Clune got hurt early, it looked like a groin, as he was holding his crotch and skating on one leg as he left the ice.

    I must say this: The guy in front of us smelled so bad it was shocking. The worst body odor I’ve ever smelled; I’m sure his seat delaminated, he was toxic. I watched the game breathing through my mouth.

    Looking forward to next year!

  • JDM

    Well, it was a really good time, and while the game was fun, it was a pretty pitiful effort on both sides. Both teams just looked off.

    Not that I remember much.

    I do remember arguing a lot with the Av fans behind me, and getting interviewed by Heidi in the second period.

    I want to see that video, but I’m scared. I doubt I was very eloquent.

    Simmonds’ fight was great. He can really throw a punch.

    I miss Dustin Brown.

  • Tom Hughes

    does anybody know the lineup for tonight’s game? i wanna go but only if its goin to be a good lineup

  • Matt George

    We’re fortunate enough to have a late checkout. My brain hurts from too many beers.

    The game was great for the final two periods but I gotta say the Kings scared me after the first. They looked like nothing had changed from last year.

    Then comes the second period and Simmonds rearranges this dudes face. Blood on the ice.. Wayne skated to the box and when this guy looked up, his ear was where his mouth should be and his nose was on the back of his head. Weird.

    Anyway the last two periods where phenomenal. Tape to tape passes, beautiful setups, and that goal where Frolov redirected a Jack Johnson shot was beautiful.

    There was not a bad seat in the house though I have to say …. no comparison to staples center. We had a good time but probably won’t be back.

    Now I have to drive home. UG.

  • Marc Nathan

    Tom Hughes said:
    does anybody know the lineup for tonight’s game? i wanna go but only if its goin to be a good lineup

    Oh Tom, you’ve left yourself wide open on this one 😉

    There are 27 players left in camp, competing for 23 roster spots. One of those players is suspended (O’Donnell) and one is injured (Clune) and one is a goalie (Ersberg/Bernier… flip a coin.)

    So… really, what you’re going to see tonight from the Kings is about 85-92% certainly what you’re going to see on any given night at Staples Center from this coming Saturday on…

    Now, when you speak of a GOOD lineup, I wonder if you are curious if Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan, Koivu, Selanne and Ebbett are all going to be playing tonight… 😉

  • jet

    thanks waves

  • wavesinair

    williams, stoll, westgarth, and clune will not play tonight.

  • stevebone

    Is the game going to be broadcast somewhere?

    I was in Vegas for the Frozen Fury this was my 5th season. My wife and I had a great time. You could tell the ice was bad and it was hard to make good plays.

    It was great to see Simm.. stick up for Drew

    I wasn’t impressed with Martinez on Def. I would of rather seen Hickey

    JJ had a couple of good scoring chances

    Foote and Brown kept up their fighting from last year

  • Zad

    Enjoyed the game. It is one of those rare events that is worth the buildup.

    I did a little write up about the game at

    The crowd was far louder than what we typically see at Staples and Kings fans probably totaled around 10,000 of the 11,000 + that showed up. Kopitar and Doughty were were impressive. Quick had a heck of a time controlling rebounds. The ice was terrible from what I could tell. Short passes were bouncing several times. I noticed Williams was having a heck of a time keeping the puck on his stick.

    Simmonds knock out was a joy to watch. Hopefully, the Avs player is ok but I think he may think twice before he thinks about a potential cheap shot on any King star.

  • DP

    As always it was a great time. Sat behind some poor kid who looked like McLovin. Had a chance to meet Hiedi Androl (sp), super cool and harped on her for being in some really dumb horror movie. Talked with Jim Fox while leaving the game, really good guy. He seemed to think Martinez will make it over Hickey to start the season.

    The game was fun, don’t have too much more to add. Seemed odd not seeing Sakic playing and it should be a tough season for Colorado. Simmonds looks poised to break out this season and his line is already clicking. I think the D pairings will change once OD comes back.