Schenn ends on high note

Brayden Schenn wasn’t scheduled to play in the Kings’ preseason finale Sunday, but got included when Rich Clune suffered his groin injury Saturday night. Schenn almost certainly will be headed back to his junior team in Brandon this week, but he impressed in his first NHL training camp and coaches no doubt will be eager to see him a year from now. Here’s what Terry Murray said last night, when asked if the Kings would have a tough decision about whether to keep or cut Schenn…

MURRAY: “Not so much, not so much. I made a comment to everyone in the office, just before I came out, about how well he played (Sunday night). He steps into a situation where he hasn’t been in the lineup for a couple days, and had a really hard workout yesterday because he was not scheduled to be in this game, and he played so well, the way he did in the first exhibition game. All the ingredients to show me that he’s going to be a real important and good player in the National Hockey League.”

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  • wavesinair

    According to the LA Times, Schenn will be in the AHL this year. Seriously, we would all continue to suffer in silence if not for this blog.

  • 34YearKingsFan

    And this comment was by a Hall of Fame writer.

  • jet

    But waves, Times sports editor Mike James said by e-mail. “Still, it’s an important beat, and we’ve devoted columnist Helene Elliott, who has been honored with a plaque in the Hockey Hall of Fame, to that coverage. And although we do not routinely travel with the team, Helene provides the kind of in-depth, informed reporting that I would match against that of any other outlet.”

  • Crash Davis

    Am still trying to figure out how Schenn can go to the AHL this early in season. He can, I believe, only go when Brandon (Junior team) is done at end of THEIR season and Monarchs are still playing. But not before then. I believe that Bernier did this a couple seasons ago…junior team to Monarchs in late March/early April.

    It’s either NHL (up thru 9 games, but not a 10th) a season start or back to Brandon because Schenn is only 18 (as of a few days ago). Must have played 4 junior seasons or be 20 for AHL. Unless there is some provision he can go to AHL for up to 9 games.

    Me thinks that Helene made a mistake about the AHL destination.

    Rich, any help here?


    Crash Davis:

    I’ll help you out. Helene Elliott is venerable but she doesn’t do her homework. Earlier this summer she had Teubert heading to Manchester. Now it’s Schenn. She’s sloppy.

    Schenn can’t play in the AHL until he’s 20 (he’s 18) or has played four full seasons in junior. he can, as someone pointed out, play in the AHL after his junior season is over.

  • Otto Ped

    If Rich was around years ago Helene Elliott would not only have never gotten into the Hockey HOF, she would most likely be out of a job. C’mon Helene, if you’re going to continue to report on hockey atleast do some homework

  • mrbrett7

    I’ve said it a million times.

    Helene Eliot is an idiot, and the only reason she is in the HOF is because of her gender. I know that is not a popular thing to say, but the truth hurts sometimes. There are plenty of great female sports writers…Helene is not one of them.

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    Can we all shut up about some writer. This should be about Brayden Schenn.
    With the way he played this camp, it’s a huge possibility he’ll be on the team next season. Great vision, responsible 2-way play, has the tools to be a winner. Good on ya, Schenn, see you next year!

  • 20lucfan

    schenn reassigned to the wheat kings

  • deadcatbounce

    Helene wrote: Murray also indicated Brayden Schenn, the Kings’ first-round pick in June, will start the season in the American Hockey League to get the playing time
    his inexperience prevents him from getting now in the NHL.

    I do believe that she was just reporting what she was told by Terry Murray, so I dont see a problem here. Should she correct his mistake and attribute something to him that he didnt say? That would be irresponsible journalism.

    For all you people who think that Rich is God or Jesus, as more than a couple people indicated in an earlier thread, you people have to get a life. If youre willing to follow like Lemmings and believe everything he says is gospel thats your decision, but hes made mistakes before. Nobody is infallible, not even Rich. I cant believe the number of people on this blog who thinks that Richs shit dont stink!

    My, my, how we seize on something and twist it out of context to the point where its not even recognizable anymore. Helene never said that Schenn was going to Manchester, Terry Murray apparently did.

  • deadcatbounce


    Im sorry if I wont worship at your altar, but I do appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into this blog and the viewpoints of the people who post. I do believe that you would be the first one to commend Helene for her fine hockey writing. After all, it was she who broke the story of the end of the lockout. This will probably come as a huge disappointment to those people who worship at the First Rich Hammond Church, but its true, isnt it?

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the new site for your blog. Heres hoping that it, as well as the upcoming hockey season, is a success both for you and the Kings.

  • Rich Hammond

    While it’s not my place to comment on others’ reporting, I will say that there’s a reason why Helene Elliott is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. She’s a journalist of the highest caliber.

    Terry Murray, to my knowledge, did not tell anyone in a postgame interview that Brayden Schenn was going to the AHL.

  • wavesinair

    LOL, I hear ya dead cat. I started it because the Times does, in fact, fall far short at covering hockey despite their claims otherwise. Helene Elliott is obviously a fine reporter, but the website doesnt even have the Kings listed at the top along with the Dodgers and Lakers. They are buried on the right hand side AFTER the Ducks! They show pictures of OD in ducks gear when he’s on the Kings. The list goes on and on and I admit it makes me a little mental.

    As for the exact quote, it says Murray “indicated” where Schenn was going. So what does that mean exactly? It doesn’t say TM said anything in particular. He could have indicated Schenn was “going down” which she interpreted as the AHL. Who knows? Hence, the sloppiness of the report. I highly doubt TM said Schenn was going to New Hampshire, but if he did, it’s her responsibility to check on that. Again, sloppiness.

    And for the record, just so you know, I have never shied away from criticizing Rich. Its important to note that the blog is much more than just Rich, as Im sure he would agree. It’s the likes of knuckleheads like you and I that make it tick day in and day out. A lot of the participants are extremely knowledgeable and that is why, in addition to the fine reporting, I love it so much.

  • R.E.M. Murray

    I heard that Schenn can re-join the Kings after his junior season ends. Hopefully the Kings are in the playoffs by then.

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