Who’s No. 2?

Based on the stats, and seemingly on the opinions of many observers, Jonathan Bernier had a better camp/exhibition season than Erik Ersberg. Should that be enough for Bernier to earn a spot on the NHL roster ahead of Ersberg, or would Bernier still be better off as the clear No. 1 goalie in Manchester?

Frankly, I’m not sure it matters a whole lot right now. Bernier can go to Manchester and come back up if the Kings decide Ersberg isn’t cutting it (see: LaBarbara, Jason, circa 2008), or even if Quick isn’t cutting it. It might give Bernier a mental boost to make the team, but what would be best for his development? Hard to say. Here’s what Terry Murray said about the goalie choice:

MURRAY: “Yeah, it will be a tough decision. No. 1 in clear in my mind. Quick is clearly, to me, the No. 1 goaltender. He played well throughout the camp. He earned the right to come into camp as the No. 1 guy, and now the decision is to be made on the No. 2.”

I asked Murray if, regardless of all the discussion about what Bernier can and can’t do, Ersberg had done enough on his own to be the No. 2 goalie.

MURRAY: “He has showed enough, yeah. That’s the decision that we have to make, obviously. Bernier and he have played well in the training camp and their exhibition games. We just have a hard decision to make.”

So what do you think?

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  • Dan H.

    Who should and who will are two different questions.

    Ersberg has to clear waivers and he won’t so we lose him. Bernier doesn’t and he didn’t light up camp so it’s just as good to give him the experience as an every day guy in Manchester and call him up if we need to.

  • matt

    Bernier has been sent to the AHL and Schenn has been sent back to Juniors.

    So lets hope Ersberg is up to the task!!


  • variable

    i voted for ee…but his grip on the spot is loosening…i think if jb performs better than ee come next week, there might be an opportunity to change minds…there’s a week left to decide…

  • Cynic

    Kings send down Hickey, Bernier and Westgarth to Manch.

    Send Schenn to Juniors.

    The right moves, but I expect Hickey is Martinez’s replacement and Bernier is Ersberg’s should Mart and Ers fail at the beginning of the season.

    Conspiracy theory: Westgarth is waiting for the Kings to trade Ivanans. This came from my own imagination, no sources or anything like that. It’s as good as Eklund. (LOL). Just thinking that as Ivan just isn’t playing up to snuff IMHO and Westgarth, I think, is a step up, albeit a small step. Maybe more future potential in Westy is the way to look at it. Anyway, I think Ivan is out the door when Deano can make a deal for a pick.

  • Irish Pat

    I recall Terry Murray playing the goalies last season for a long stretch of time before playing the other guy. If Quick is set as the starter it is pointless to have Bernier sitting on the bench other than having him watching NHL play and speed and having him getting to know his teammates. If an injury occurs or one of them falters then bring him up.

    Wow. I just realized the Kings have a goalie problem and it doesn’t involve a trade scenario. Goalie depth… nice problem to have.

  • Mark R

    mute point roster is set and up at kings site.
    Erik in Jonathan sent down

  • Cynic
  • wavesinair

    lol, so much for this question…”the iceberg” wins. And variable, it was stated by TM that these decisions were going to take place at some point today.

  • Matt R

    Dan H. (formerly of KAOS?),

    I agree. I think Ersberg should be the No. 2. Losing him to waivers shouldn’t be an option and I think Bernier would benefit more from playing full time in Manchester.

    If they decide on Bernier as no 2 they may as well just trade Ersberg.

  • Ersberg

    Looks like I got the nod again.

  • ReggieMoto

    Perhaps the question should have been phrased, “Who should ride the pine behind Quick and get rusty as nails?” because whoever stays in LA is not going to get as many games in as they would LA.

    Another way to phrase the question would be, “Who should get sent to Manchester to play almost every game and keep sharp as a tack?” Should that be Ersberg or Bernier?

  • Stats1

    Having EE as the # 2, and JB in Manch is the right move for his development. Bernier will not develop sitting on the bench. He needs to play in as many different situations as possible. Besides, Ersberg won’t clear waivers if he is sent down, and Bernier is waiver exempt because he doesn’t have enough games in right now.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/kings smokiemcpot

    I think the more important question is how many games will ivanas blow for us this year. The guy is a joke. I’ve said before i don’t like westgarth either but if it’s between the two… take a guy who won’t screw the team with stupid last minute penalties every game. ivan is imposing but sucks at hockey… try ufc or something.


    Just curious to know what teams you guys think can’t wait to pick up EE on waivers? Cheap – yes, good – no. Are these the same teams that didn’t offer Biron that 1 mil contract because they were hoping EE would become available?

  • Ian

    okay… well i have a little different outlook on this… I can’t beleive that i am saying this but.. it looks like we might have a log jam in the goalie depth chart soon.. Which is a good thing. The real reason that I write this is that I feel that the kings should trade ersberg NOW!!! Get what we can for him a mid pick or a prospect. I feel to this day that Bernier should be the #1 right now.. He clearly outplayed two goalies… one still with this team two years ago.. the argument is out there that he would have been rushed. A prime example of this is fluery… he was said to be rushed, was sent down, and look at him now. If this contiunes to happen to bernier i feel we might have another jamie storr issue on our hands. how much can Bernier take… BTW at the start of camp it was said the #2 goaile spot was wide open… Bernier played better!! I could care less who can pass waivers.. I have many more arguments about this.. but lets not forget that zatkoff is also close.. As DL likes to reference… maybe its time to do the San Jose goaile house cleaning. This is the guy who traded kipper to keep nabakov… Anyways I will stop my ranting… looking forward to a good season!!

  • JT Snow

    Trade Quick.
    I’d rather Bernier man the nets.
    Ersberg is the perfect number 2.

  • Otto Ped

    54FIGHTING said:

    Just curious to know what teams you guys think can’t wait to pick up EE on waivers?

    Try Colorado or Phoenix?

    If JB plays solid in Manchester it opens up EE as trade bait for an extra scorer for the playoff push.

  • Real7

    Ian, ugly rant! LOL…
    you are right about one thing though, they should, or might, trade EE, but not for a draft choice….for [and this is only my opinion] for an experienced defenseman who can fill the 6-7 D slot, because we’re a little thin on D, and only Scuderi, O’Donnell and Greene are really battle-tested veterans….

  • wavesinair

    “JT Snow said: Trade Quick.”


  • LB

    I’ve said this in a previous thread, but I’ll say it again – Bernier should stay in the NHL. Waive Ersberg or trade him, either way…Bernier has proven to be a better goalie and of course has lots of potential to fill. I think getting into every 5th game at the NHL level brings a lot more benefit than playing in the minors. Hopefully he’ll be back up with the Kings sometime this season.

  • JT Snow

    Watch and see.


    Otto Ped – No. Colorado has 2 goalies already better than EE and Phx has 3. Bryzgalov is better and they just signed Labarbarbarbara to a 2 year 2 mil contract with Al Montoya in the wings. Where does EE fit with those teams? He didn’t exactly tear it up last year and in my opinion has less trade value than Labarbarbara. Worst contract of DL’s tenure, well after Cloutier. Why a 2 year deal too!

    Would of liked to see Bernier and Quick challenge each other.

    With all these cuts I guess we are going with the Redwings ‘overripe’ theory.

  • Ersberg

    Wow, JT! That would be a ballsy move if we dealt Quick. We’d definitely need a “filler” goalie to help out, though.

  • jet

    54 fighting — Are you saying that Barbs is better than Ersburg?

  • R.E.M. Murray

    Sorry, just now crawled out of the cave and heard DL on The Fan in Toronto this morning:

    Lombardi on Fan 590 (9/29/09)

    Interesting what DL said about bringing along Nabokov and Kiprusoff during his time in SJ. Each of these netminders spent a few years in the minors. Sounds like they were better for it. And I am sure Bernier will be OK too. That’s all the motivation I would need if was Bernier, see how those two netminders ended up. Good, at least now I might actually get some sleep over this whole goaltender controversy scenario, as I have felt all along during this camp that Bernier is ready and should be the #1.

    Just another example DL earning more and more of my trust.

    Oh, I like DL’s remark on bringing in Gretzky as the “Minister of Culture and Identity”.

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