Gretzky to L.A.?

It’s certainly not the story is was 20 years ago, but it seems that the possibility exists for another Kings-Wayne Gretzky union. In an interview today with a Toronto radio station, Dean Lombardi said he would be open to the idea of bringing back Gretzky in some yet-undefined role.

Lombardi: Los Angeles Kings have interest in Gretzky

If it’s obvious move, if Gretzky is interested in returning to the league in some form. Besides his playing-days ties to the Kings, Gretzky and his family still live in the Los Angeles area.

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  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    Interesting idea, I would like to see it happen.

  • variable

    get the jersey down from the rafters…we need a fourth-line center…

  • wavesinair

    Now that the cat’s out of the bag, when we were at practice last week, my friend actually talked to DL and he mentioned how much he would like to have Gretzky in the organization again. He said that having someone with that many rings is, “just good to have around with these young players.”

  • uknojata

    Smyth, Gretz, Williams…Purcell, Kopi, Brown? That would be sweet… ahh and a little sad.

  • Bruin26

    I wonder what capacity he would be brought in as if this does happen. And if it does I can see it now especially if this team does make the playoffs, but then doesn’;t get over the hump to be even better the following year the rumors of Wayne replacing TM would begin for sure, if not even before then. Only obvious since some already question if TM is the man for the job once this team is closer to a cup and many see him as just a teacher for the a young team. Not saying I am one of them because i am not. I am one that supports a guy until he proves he is not the guy any longer. Just can see this happening with or without Wayne in house, would only make it stronger if Wayne was here. Although not that there aren’t questions regarding his coaching anyway. But I am sure some would think he coaching improves with a better team to coach. Which the Kings should definitely be especially in a couple years.

  • iansez

    No brainer.

  • Matt George

    I’m quite honestly more than a little baffled by this.

    Of course I have huge respect for the guy but … we’re on the right track. Is there a need for a mix up at this point? I dunno.

    Someone tell me where he could have a major impact given that he was unable to properly train the group in Phoenix.

    Also … Isn’t this a little sudden … I mean … jeez the body’s not even cold in Phoenix.


    I believe Gretzky would do well to take a Mario Lemieux or Magic Johnson role. He obviously can’t take Luc’s job.

  • Capt Jam

    What next? Robert Lang to Phoenix?? …Oh, never mind.

  • Dan H.

    Gretz in a front office position is a lock. I think his coaching days are over…he didn’t show anything special in that role.

  • ose

    Bring him he has unfinished work to do here.

  • Pat McGroyn

    In case you might have missed the link to the actual radio interview I posted earlier today, here it is again for posterity:

    El gusto es todo mio….

  • Tim Chaney

    damn sure cant hurt…

  • deadcatbounce

    As a figurehead, maybe. As a coach, never!

  • Ersberg

    Dear Variable-

    Gretzky could be compete and probably succeed as our first line center.

    Yours truly,


  • HBfan13

    Having Gretz in the front office might improve our credibilty with future free agents. So on that account I say bring him on.

  • tantrum4

    While he may not be best suited to coach here, he did a great job managing Team Canada in 2002 and brought home the Gold Medal. And don’t say anyone could have won Gold managing Team Canada, because no one else has. That was Canada’s first and only Olympic Gold medal in men’s hockey.

    I would love to see Gretz back here helping out the young guys. And I’m sure Luc would love to have him around as well….

  • Duckhunter

    I’m with Matt G on this one, why? This will be a PR move to sell tickets and put a face to Kings hockey. I have nothing against the guy but we don’t need his name and face. We have a good thing going here, why rock the boat? IMO, we don’t need the distraction, we need to continue growing with the personnel and system we have already.

  • Real7

    Why would anyone question bringing back Gretzky?
    Have you people no vision?

    if only as a promoter of hockey in SoCal, he would be Great….e.g.: Wayne Gretzky in person at the Culver City ice rink…all youngsters who sign-up to play jr. hockey this coming Saturday will get their picture taken with The Great One AND get his autographed photo.

    use your imagination….he would be worth much more than his salary as an Ambassador for Hockey and more…

  • JT Snow

    Thank you. The only reason this team, this site, these fans exist now is because of Gretzky.
    Had he not showed up in 89, this team would have been done a long long time ago.
    As well as hockey in any southern city for that matter.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    As long as Gretz doesn’t come in thinking he’s some sort of coach and conflict with Terry Murray, I think it would be great to bring him in. What better motivational speaker could the Kings have in the locker room then the greatest player in history?

  • Real7

    The Greatest Road Trip….

    the Kings in ’74-’75 won 42 games and had a record number of ties, 21….I’d like to ask Bob Miller if he has any memories from THIS trip…

    Jan.8, Kings 4 – Minnesota 2
    Jan.9, Kings 5 – Buffalo 2
    Jan.11, Kings 7 – Toronto 5
    Jan.14, Kings 6 – Washington 2
    Jan.16, Kings 4 – Boston 1
    Jan.17, Atlanta 5 – Kings 0
    Jan.19, Kings 6 – Montreal 3

    I was a season ticket holder for several years in the ’70s, including THAT memorable year….
    yes, the travel schedule was excruciating, but those
    brutal road trips served to bring the team together
    in no way I’ve seen….before or since….
    there was another roadie, a 5 gamer, that saw the Kings
    go 2-0-3….unde-feckin’-feated!….fond memories indeed…

  • stang

    Gretzky in my mind has free reign over this team/city. The guy belongs in this organization, he’s still the face of hockey to many and we were fortunate enough to have him wear our sweater in his prime. He would be an ambassador to the city and bring recognition to a franchise that can’t even get the leading newspaper in town to give us a minute of their time.

    I bow down to his statue every time I walk by it. The guy is the Greatest player ever and we need that type of guy in our organization.

    99 is da man!


    Good as a PR move, sure. As an actual executive move, I don’t know. 99 was obviously peerless as a player. As a coach and part owner, he sucked. In the 90s, there was (if memory serves, and I’m pretty sure it does) some bad blood between 99 and Luc, so I can only imagine how bringing Gretzky in would affect inter-office politics, especially since Luc is often mentioned (rumored, spitballed? could be total b.s.) as a future GM, maybe replacing Lombardi, maybe even sooner rather than later. How does bringing Gretzky in affect the Luc/Lombardi dynamic? (I don’t know. I’m just asking.) Is there some way in which bringing in 99 helps Lombardi and weakens Robitaille? Lombardi said he didn’t want to bring him in as a “talking head” or whatever he said. If it’s a real position, what could it possibly be? He’s not going to be an asst coach, right? (that would be poisonous and about twenty steps back.)

    Frankly, I can’t imagine Lombardi would give Gretzky any real power, and I can’t imagine Gretzky would take a job without real power, so how is this supposed to shake out?

  • wavesinair

    The opposition should seriously consider getting far away from that sort of loser mentality. If you have an opportunity to have the best hockey player of all time be part of your organization, you seize it. There should be no hesitation on our end. It’s a no-brainer.

    I will say, however, that there is no question Greztky’s role, should he come aboard, be very well defined. No one should suggest otherwise. He shouldn’t just come in and go rogue. And I highly doubt someone as competitive as Gretzky would be happy in the role of “face of the kings.”

    And quite frankly, if someone in the organization was opposed to the idea, I’d have to question their motives. DL has said time and again, he wants a winning culture to develop here. Who better than Wayne friggin Grezky says winner? Define his role, bring him in, and let’s start winning.

    Of course, the devil is in the details. It would be very interesting to see if they could actually come to some kind of agreement. Admittedly, I simply don’t know what his role should be.

    Perhaps he and Simmonds could re-create Wayne’s World… Party on Wayne! Party on Gretz!

  • Real7

    link for Kings team history….

  • wavesinair

    Just read your post after sending mine Quisp and you got me thinking. So I looked up the fued between Luc and Wayne and found a few interesting tidbits. Heres one

    ”Every time he touches the puck, an opportunity will happen to score. He’s got that quality that nobody’s ever had. The bottom line is, he’s here to win and I’m here to win and that’s all that matters. That’s why he signed here. And he’s a winner. The guy’s a winner. Everything he does is about winning, is about being the best, is about being part of the best team. And that’s what I want to do, too.”

    -Lucky Luc talking about Wayne in 1996 before their Rangers season together.

  • KellyHrudey

    I say DL should use the salary he would have offered Gretzky to bring in a key player to generate some offense and take us to the next level.

  • Real7

    unsigned free agents, as of Sept.25….
    I note Martin Skoula, 29 yr. old defenseman, who won a ring with Avs a few yrs. ago, is available….
    salary $1.9 Million, last year with Wild…

    several others, most not worthy of consideration,
    also unsigned….

    I previously pointed out the need for another experienced backline player, which I’m sure DL is all over it….maybe Skoula is our man…

  • wavesinair

    Real, Pittsburgh signed Martin Skoula to a one-year contract.

    I still say Dan Hinote for 4th line center.

  • Danco

    Tainted goods, stay in the desert.

  • Real7

    “The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed defenseman Martin Skoula to a one-year contract, it was announced by Executive Vice President and General Manager Ray Shero. Financial terms were not disclosed.”

  • nykingfan

    I would love to see what role he would be playing in the organization before I decide whether its a good thing or not..but remember the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen. Things are going well now for the Kings. They have one leader…DL He’s the most qualified to make hockey decisions. You just hope that guys like Luc and Gretzky don’t have the ear of ownership when it comes to player personnel decisions. That’s usually the death of an organization.
    If his role is something else, then its a clear no-brainer bringing a guy like that back to the organization.

  • wavesinair

    Gotta give credit where credit is due. Nice piece put together by Helene Elliott.

    However, even though the headline has a negative connotation, I was left feeling very positive about the possibility the great one will return to the Kings.

    “Lombardi invites Gretzky back to the Kings…but don’t buy new 99 jerseys yet”

    Quisp, to quote the article, “Lombardi has in mind an advisory role, not a coaching or ambassadorial job.”

    So then how about: Wayne Gretzky – Senior Advisor, Hockey Operations

    Sound familiar? It’s the same position Scotty Bowman holds with the Blackhawks.


    waves, re scotty bowman –

    Maybe we should ask Dale Tallon how that whole thing worked out.

  • barada

    How about Offensive Coach/consultant?

    I would think, Gretzky should be
    highly qualified to do THAT, of all things.

  • Matt George

    I just listened to the Lombardi interview and I gotta say two things.

    1) Jeez we’re lucky to have that guy … here’s to hoping he stays and

    2) I LOVE the “Scotty Bowman” advisory role idea for Gretz … I’m converted and convinced … BRING IT.

  • Cynic

    Gretzky’s son isn’t the Assistant GM, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about any Dale Tallon Conspiracy theories…LOL

    Like it Waves. Perfect title for Gretz. Just hope Wayne doesn’t insist We hire Bruce McNall in the finance department though…. (I kid…I kid)

  • jet

    You kid, but it is pretty dam funny

  • darko25o

    I think if he works out really hard with the new trainer for several months, bulks up a bit, and establishes a good relationship with the current squad
    ……he might be able to carry Wayne Simmond’s jockstrap

  • Some fan

    Who wouldn’t pay Wayne Gretzky to hang out?

  • marc

    Does anyone remember a few years back the Kings had an event called “Stogie With Rogie”? Maybe he could host poker games for season ticket holders & call it “Betzky with Gretzky”

  • Dan H.

    I wouldn’t have Bruce McNall in any finance department but if he had the legal tender (legally earned this time) I’d love him for an owner again. He’s the only owner the Kings have had in franchise history that cared about the sport AND winning.

    Oh and I don’t think betting and Gretzky should ever be in the same sentence after that mess his “friend” Rick Tocchet got him into.

  • jet

    marc — They already have a poker tourney, originally hosted by Theo in Calgary and now hosted by Luc in Vegas. The original tournament name of “Get Shorty” has been changed to “Get Lucky”.

  • wavesinair

    Quisp, I could see your point if Dale Tallon were run out of town on a rail. But the fact is, the guy stayed with the club. With that, I can only deduce he is ok with it. If it were me that got punked out of my job as GM, I’d have nothing to do with the organization. I’d be much more inclined to go the route of what Martin Havlat said when he left.

    Incidentally, as I’m sure you know, Tallon now has the same title as…yep…Scotty Bowman. Perhaps Tallon was just burned out. Perhaps the current “edge of the cliff” cap scenario was just too much to overcome. Also, let’s give Stan Bowman a little credit, he has been with the Blackhawks since 2001. It’s not like he came in with McDonough.

    But more to the point of how this might relate to Gretzky coming on board, I have to say, regardless of brass politics, what matters most is winning. And I have to believe all parties involved would agree on this point. Not to win just so that someone could keep their job, but to find immense satisfaction from completely reinventing the Kings image into a winning franchise.

    On the other hand, I could be completely naive on this subject. But if that’s the case, then everything we are trying to do with this organization would be a facade. Wait, who owns the Kings? Oh, I forgot.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Off topic here, but Sergei Kostitsyn wants out of Montreal because they tried to send him to the AHL. A 22 year old LW who supposedly has a lot of upside to be a 20+ goal scorer? Sound like a good fit for the Kings maybe?

  • Ersberg


    S. Kostitsyn has the talent to be a first-liner, but he had as horrible work ethic and personality issues.

    If you guys didn’t want Heatley here, you definitely don’t want this guy.

  • JDM

    This is the second time (that I know of), that S. Kostitsyn has been sent down and threw a hissy fit. Don’t want him, don’t need him and Dean would never touch him.

  • OneTimer


    #3 reason: Ambassador and legendary face for the club, both in and out of the locker room…

    #2 reason: Inspiration to the kids, (and possible draw for other players to sign); something about him being one of the most creative, intelligent and “game-breaker” minds that ever stepped on the ice offensively…

    #1 reason: SURELY (surely) this would once and for all break that damned Curse of the Statue!!


    September 30, is this the last ITK post?

  • nykingfan

    What part of #2 did he bring to Phoenix? They sucked when he got there and they suck when he left.
    As owner/coach, which players did he woo to get them to come out to Phoenix and play for him?

    I definitely agree with #1

  • ose

    Come on, Wayne Gretzky,Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe would have trouble bringing players to Phoenix. You cant surf there. come on


    The more I think about it, the more I don’t like the idea. I’m not a fan of mixing eras. And the Kings circa 2009 don’t need the distraction.

    Plus, lets be honest. Gretzky bailed on the Kings when it was clear they weren’t be as good a team as he deserved to be on. (I seem to remember him making a derisive comment about needing people to pass to who don’t fall down before the pass gets there — the player he was referring to was Dan Bylsma.) I’m sure someone is about to make the counter-argument that the team was in disarray vis-a-vis ownership etc.. Hey, that sounds familiar. Just like in Phoenix. And in both cases, his hands were not exactly clean.

    He was a superlatively great player and his arrival here opened a lot of doors and created markets for hockey that didn’t exist before (like Phoenix, Florida and various other places that might not exist in the near future).

    But no one can argue he’s been a steadying influence to any management team. It always becomes all about him and somewhere in there everything falls apart and he jumps ship.

  • jet

    NO to Kostitsyn. We finally got rid of the “it’s all about me” players.

    My Sharky neighbor said that we will not see Boogy Thursday as he is out with an injury. But, he did mention that the Wild brought in a guy bigger than Boogy.
    He also mentioned that Hinote was less than impressive in camp.

  • jet

    Hey, Army makes the cut. With 25 on the roster, I’m not sure how much playing time he will get. The Blues are my surprise team this year. I hope they can give Army a long run in the playoffs.
    The Kings are 2 years behind the Blues in their respective rebuilds. Hopefully with an injury free Blues season, we will be able to see where we will be in 2 years. Anyone else thirsty?

  • Matt George

    In other news.

    Rob Blake was made the Captain of the Sharks today. An honor bestowed upon him because of how hard he works up there (unlike his last two years here).

    Yet another reason why I never want to see his number up in the rafters at Staples.

  • OneTimer

    nykf and kwispdot …

    Excellent points, all of them. Does make one wonder…

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens at least. I don’t actually expect 99’s “re-arrival” to transpire.

  • Ersberg

    Did you guys listen to DL’s radio interview that Pat M posted? “He has one more big signing to do”. That “one big” signing should have been a player ON the ice not off of it.

  • josh e.

    Random question guys…since I’m bored….
    anyone know is varlamov or theodore is starting tomorrow for the Caps???

  • wavesinair

    I can’t believe Rob Blake is the captain of the San Jose Sharks. I am disgusted. I just really hope our captain has a “little chat” with their captain.

  • nykingfan

    It also looks like Moulson made the Islanders final roster and Boyle made it with the Rangers…although his stay may be a short one. Depending on how he starts the season, he’s the most likely to go down when Avery returns.
    Good luck to those guys and Army…much success as long as their success doesn’t interfere with ours!

    Jet I disagree that we’re 2 years behind the Blues. Obviously only time will tell who’s right, but I’m still not sold on their late season success from last year.
    If we were 2 years behind them, then this season will be a waste for the Kings and we’ll have to wait until next year to sneak into the playoffs.
    I think we’re in position right now to make the playoffs this year.
    That’s just my humble opinion.

    Also…this thread needs to go to 99 posts and then cease!

  • JonG

    I thought the Blues were a fluke last year but I looked at their roster recently and it’s pretty good. I think our young stars have more upside than theirs, but they do have a lot of young quality players. I’m picking them for 8th in the West this season.

  • Ersberg


    Jet is right. They’ve had their “senior” guys in position for a couple of seasons, but they’ve been delayed in their progress due to injuries(Kariya, trading Tkachuk, then re-aquiring him). They’ve also filled the “must have” spots with capable players. We’re still on the fringe when it comes to those spots(center, until recently LW). The only area that we remain roughly even at is in goal.

  • wavesinair

    “Also…this thread needs to go to 99 posts and then cease!”

    I doubt this will be Rich’s last post on this blog, but I concur 100%. Hopefully it gets up to 99 today and no one blows it.

  • nykingfan

    maybe he’s right.
    As far as the Kings are concerned…We pretty much have everyone in place right now. We’re no longer a bunch of rookies trying to learn a whole new system under a new coach. We’re not a team loaded with bridge players anymore.
    We’re counting on our 6 D’men to be amongst the best in the league.
    We’re counting on guys like Kopitar and Brown to play to their potential. We’re counting on a guy like Frolov to be a top scorer in the league.
    We’re counting on Quick to continue where he left off last year….and so on

    If guys do what they’re capable of doing, who’s to say that we’re not better than St. Louis?

  • jet

    NY — Sorry, but I have us out of the playoffs this year. I am looking at 10th place with 87 points. We just have too much youth at his point to contend. Youth make mistakes. Mistakes are fine if we learn from them. TM will get them there, but not this year.

    As I say this, I had us around 70 points preseason, last year. I had little faith in Barbs. Anyway, I tend to undershot, hopefully, I am doing it again.

  • jet

    Oh, and to those who will not be meeting me at midnight on the Kings site, I wish you well in sports, in faith and in life.

    Jill — I also wish you the best if you continue this site.

  • Ersberg


    I’m not 100% certain, but I think what Jet meant is that they’ve had a season or two to play together. We haven’t. At least that’s what I’m saying.

    If they do play like they’re supposed to, then we should do okay. I’m personally concerned with their “ceiling”, though.

    Was Browns 30’ish goal season a fluke?
    Will Frolov continue score in the 30’s? His points have declined over the passed couple of seasons.
    Can Williams, Zus, Smyth stay healthy?
    Will Quick play like a bona-fide #1 goalie?
    Will this defense gel like it’s slated to?

    There are plenty more question I’m not listing, but that’s a good start.

    Lots of things need to go right for this time for them to be in the playoffs. Most of the bona-fide playoff teams have had time to play and gel together. Those teams don’t have as many questions that need answering, such as the ones you and I have posted.

    I’m really looking forward to Saturday. We really need to get points against teams like Phoenix this season.

  • marc

    So is this Rich’s last day? And who’s taking over?

  • Maz

    Marc- accoring to the 9/23 post, today is Rich’s last day, he starts with the Kings tomorrow.

    I’m wondering if there will at least be a send-off posting? If not, it’s somewhat ironic to leave off with the Gretzky post, especially unanswered.

    If this is the end, godspeed Rich, see you at LAKings, thanks for making the best of this benighted organization!

  • wavesinair

    yes marc, in case you missed it, rich said, “Beginning next Thursday, Oct. 1, I will no longer write and blog for the Los Angeles Daily News.” today is the end of this blog for all intents and purposes. i’m getting misty-eyed…

    kings can make the playoffs. i know it’s tough, but here’s an optimistic take…

    murray isn’t the “new coach” this year. he knows the team and doesn’t need to learn the players or implement a new system. the defensive system is in place and now we can focus on some offense.

    labs isn’t in goal. if we had quick the whole year, i have to believe we would have made 6 of those 37 losses, wins giving us 91 points. now that quick is in goal from the start, it gives me hope.

    there are a bunch of “keys” to the season. but it all boils down to one man.



  • Matt George

    Given the way Gretzky was just treated by the NHL regarding the money owed to him … I wouldn’t be surprised if he was done with the NHL for good!!


  • JDM

    dum dum diddly 73 ho hum hamstring.

    Why does everyone assume E. Johnson will be just as dominant after missing an entire season?

  • KingsFanInReno

    Just called and got my NHL center ice and had Versus turned back on, I’m pumped for this season. Too bad for Sharks fans in Reno, you wont be watching the games if you have Charter, and if you get Center Ice they’ll probably black them out. Just got an HD TV and was looking forward to watching the KIngs beat the sharks in HD guess I’ll have to wait till the olympics to see my first HD hockey game.
    are we at 99 yet?

  • wavesinair

    has anyone ever been at their best, let alone really good, the first year back after acl surgery? i can’t think of anyone.

    25 left? seems like a long way to go…

  • jet

    NY & Ers — I meant the Blues are ahead of us in all facets. The coach has been in place a couple of more years. The Blues were drafting quality players a couple of years before us. There young defense is a year ahead of ours and Mason is a couple of years ahead of Quick. The Blues play in the toughest division this year, so there will be some challenges. They are the team who will be able to absorb injuries.

    Matt George — Gretz does not have a mean bone in his body. One time I went to get an autograph after practice at the now ‘infamous Culver City” rink (is that place still standing). There was a light rain in the parking lot as the players came out. You could tell it was a skating practice as more than one player went straight to their truck and just sat there for a few minutes like they were in a state of recovery. Anyway, there was a line of people by Gretz’s Rolls waiting as he came out. Most of the people were adults and many were what I would consider to be rude. He signed all of the stuff placed in front of him and when he got to the guy in front of me, he asked if he was the same guy who was here last week and the week before and the week before that. Gretz asked the guy what he was doing with all of the stuff and the jerk says “selling it”. If it were me, I would have been teed off and would have asked the guy to leave, but Gretz signed all of his items. Gretz and I are now wet and the last two in the parking lot. I can tell he was tired at best, but I ask him to sign his book for a friend who was just shipped off to Iraq (1). He asks his name and proceeds to write a page and a half on “pride” and “service” and offers his best wishes for a safe return. I knew this would be huge to my buddy, so I thanked him profusely and apologized for having to deal with a guy like the guy in front of me. Gretz said something like “you can’t let them get to you”. Well, maybe Gretz can’t, but most of us humans do let those people get to us. This is why he is The Great One and not because he can hit a chunk of tire with a tree limb.

  • JDM

    Exactly waves, which is why I don’t think the Blues are such a lock to be great.

    Their late season push was a bit fluky. Everyone is basing their lock-“ness” for the playoffs on the team being healthy, which will help, but to assume Kariya and Johnson will immediately and consistently perform at their previous levels is not totally clear thinking in my mind. Johnson will most likely take a while, if not the whole year, to return to form, and Kariya has always been great, but steadily declining over the last few years. He is also still just as injury prone as ever… which is, very.

    I think the Blues have a good chance at being a good team this year, but an equal chance of disappointing.

    I think we are at the least as good a team on paper as they are.

  • wavesinair

    btw, who wants to claim the 99 spot. let’s just agree 1 person will do it so we don’t blow it. my vote is Rich.

  • nykingfan

    It’s gonna be tough to get to 99…I’d hate to be the dude who posts the 100th!

    I understand we’re a young team, but don’t under estimate the continuity factor. These guys are all growing up together. You know those long road trips that teams use as bonding sessions…the Kings really have no need for that. Except for new veterans these guys have all been together.

  • wavesinair

    I love this quote from the Judge in the Coyote bankruptcy case:

    “The attorneys for the parties have inundated the court with multiple motions, massive briefs and legal memorandums, numerous expert opinions on antitrust and other esoteric issues, conflicting declarations on issues tangentially related to the bankruptcy sale and the assertion of many satellite issues.”

    -Today’s decision concluded the team will NOT be moving to Hamilton via Balsillie. That idea is over.

    -20 more

  • KingsFanInReno

    I think Anthonyy should number 99, where has Anthonyy been? Haven’t seen a post from him since word of the move

  • JDM

    99 should be Quisp, the ‘great one’ of this blog.

  • wavesinair

    that would be ironic considering quisp is against the gretzky move…but i agree with you jdm, quisp… or you actually.

  • the_stranger

    I concur that Rich should be the 99th commenter…

    Also, Jet, cool story about Gretzky in the rain. I had heard from someone that he was an asshole at the Culver City rink, not signing for people one day after practice; I always doubted the guy who said that, so maybe he was bullshitting, after all. Or, maybe he caught Gretz on a real bad day, but your account shines a different light on him so thanks for sharing.

  • JonG


    That’s a great story about Gretzky.

  • KingsFanInReno

    Anyone else watching slapshot on Versus, It a ritual for me on the eve of hockey.

  • 4thlinechecker

    I couldn’t care less….. just wanted to be post #86 so we can get to 99

  • AZKingsFan

    Think this makes me #88….like Eric Lindros….ugh.

  • wavesinair

    I caught a glimpse of the new site a little earlier. It’s a word press blog engine. 89

  • Stonewall

    Not quite 99.

  • Real7

    I have a chance to get tickets for the opener Saturday
    for $97….section 110, row 8….is that a good deal?
    I don’t really know, having never been to Staples….
    I’m a “throw-back” to the ’70s, Forum dayz…..

  • wavesinair

    real, that price is face value. not a bargain, but if you don’t go through ticketmaster, you save on all the fees at least.


  • Stonewall


  • Real7

    that is by way of Let’s Go Kings….
    I noticed the Kings NHL site has a site for ticket sales between fans….of course if you’re a season seat buyer you probably don’t know [or care], but
    if anyone can suggest a way to get ’em cheaper…
    at least Coyotes games tickets shouldn’t be in high demand, but if you’re talking Penguins [Nov.5],
    that’s another story…I’d REALLY like to see that one….

  • JDM

    come on come on come on come on

  • wavesinair

    real, yes you can buy via the kings ticket exchange. sometimes you can get good deals there. or you can also buy via craigslist. you can get good deals there too. just make sure it’s a local, in person, transaction. of course you can always go to a game and hustle the scalpers.

    getting CLOSE to the 99th post here, wherein we will cease all posts on this thread!

  • Matt George

    This year I’m planning on missing quite a few games so I’m just going to give them away on Rich’s site.

    Stay tooned.


  • Stonewall

    One more…?

  • Real7



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