Question for Kings fans …

Hey, we’re curious.
How would you finish this sentence on the eve of the 2009-10 season:

“I’m still a Kings’ season-seat holder because ….”
“I’m buying a ticket to the Kings’ season opener on Saturday because ….”
“I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because …”

Columnist Tom Hoffarth will be going to Saturday’s opener, and wants some feedback from fans on this topic.

Thanks for your participation,
Gene Warnick
Sports editor
L.A. Daily News

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  • Drew

    I’m still a Kings’ season-seat holder because …. it can’t get any worse.

  • Boyle22

    I will be going to the kings season opener, because I am a kings fan and have been since 1976. Lose, win or draw. I enjoy the games.


  • mk_42

    It sort of feels like the real question is “anybody still here?” so I’ll answer that. I’m still here and will continue to check for some time to see how it continues without Rich.

    I’m in DC so I won’t be going to any games.


  • Bickle Wigglesworth III

    “I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because …”

    i live in Oakland. every year i think i’ll fly down to LA a couple of times to catch games but hardly ever do. I do make it out to at least one Sharks game when the Kings come to town though.

  • Alexander Dubcek

    I’ll be watching as many Kings games on television I can this season, because following the Kings religiously is one of the few things that keeps me connected to Southern California no matter where in the world I’m living or where life takes me.

  • Deelo

    I’m still a Kings season ticket holder because win or lose, watching Kings hockey is still more fun than going out to dinner or to the movies.

  • Baumgartner22

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because…they are my team and have been since the ’86-’87 season. the kings are the only team i cheer for and the only team i’d travel to see play road games. the kings will always be first in my heart (then, maybe family).

  • Tornado12

    I echo Alex…

  • Johnny Utah

    Because I have a terrible, terrible addiction to watching this team let me down year after year…yet every year I have renewed optimism that this is their time.

  • Jester

    I’m still a kings season ticket holder because this is the team that I grew up watching in the purple and gold. Bottom Line: Win, Lose, or Draw I’m a kings fan

  • Seitz

    “I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because …”

    …I live in Chicago and it would be a bit cost prohibitive for me to fly in for game. I will see them when they come to the United Center, though.

  • Chuck

    …because I’ve been a Kings fan since I was 3 years old. 34 years later, nothing’s going to change. I live in NO-CAL so I go to all the Kings vs Sharks games at the HP Pavillion, and usually get a few games in at Staples.

  • Calfdemon

    I’m still a Kings season seat holder (and have been for 16 years) because I love this team and SOMEDAY we will be rewarded with a Stanley Cup. As long as I am blessed enough to be able to afford the luxury of season seats, I will not be one of those that quit and missed out on seeing it. Besides, the pain of the bad seasons will make the victory of the great season(s) all that much better!

  • Dave

    “I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because … I’m a diehard and loyal fan and I love hockey in general and Kings hockey specifically!!! And When I can afford to go to a game, I will!!”

  • LV4LA

    I’m still a season-seat holder and will be going to all the games because…the Kings are my team, for better or worse (hopefully better soon) and I will follow the faithfully unlike the bandwagon jumpers down in Orange County.

  • LB

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because I love the Kings, I love hockey and I love watching them play. I’ve been a fan for 20 years and plan on being a fan for the rest of my life.
    By the way even though I’m not going to the opener, I’ll still be sure to attend 5 or 6 games this season.

    I wonder if you’d ever ask such a question to Dodgers fans or USC football fans? Not sure why being a Kings fan is so much different.

  • sd

    I’m going to the game tomorrow because hockey is the greatest sport on earth to watch live and home openers are filled with passionate hopeful fans. I’ll watch every game that I’m not attending on TV beacause I’m a Kings junkey and have been growing my addiction every year since the early 80’s.

  • Matt George

    I had a messy divorce (canceled my season tix) with the Kings last summer after they tied for last in the league then raised ticket prices.

    However since then I’ve been following DL’s game plan and have come to believe in it.

    So I ponied up for the season tix again this year.

    I did this because I believe we are on the verge of sustained competitiveness … and I love the brand.

  • Jeff

    I have followed the Kings and all their ups and downs (mostly downs) since 1977. I love hockey, and nothing beats playoff hockey in LA. We don’t get enough credit for having great fans. The year we beat Detroit in 6, it got so loud in Staples I had to start wearing ear plugs.

    How about the Miracle on Manchester? I was there, and no I didn’t leave. Hockey has given me so many great memories, how could I ever stop going to games?

    Anyone remember the time several Boston players went into the crowd? I never thought I’d see a player beating a fan with his own shoe! Or how about the time Tiger Williams chucked the penalty box chairs onto the ice?

  • Carla Muller

    I’d say my answer is that Rich Hammond is a self-serving hack that used this blog as a yearlong platform to get a job with the Kings. Sell out.

    Go to for REAL hockey reporting.

  • dan

    @mk_42 – funny, but i agree… i’m curious to see what the future holds for ITK.

    I’ll be scouring the net religiously for feeds of the game on streaming video sites.

  • Maz

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because…

    …I’m a Kings fan. It’s hard to describe why, as a group, there are no such things as casual Kings fans. Either you’re all the way in, or not. Years of futility will do that–the only analogy that I can draw on is Boston and the Red Sox, but there’s a certain intangible to being a rabid hockey fan in LA that doesn’t exist in Boston, especially before the series wins. Most of the people in LA don’t even know the Kings exist, much less watch them. We’re the Purloined Letter of sports fans.

    If the Daily News really wants to get inside the heads of Kings fans, start with the understanding that what drives a lot of us is the notion, in a town and culture of shifting loyalties and bandwagon affection, that as a group we remain steadfast and true. Longevity in suffering is just part of the attraction, somehow. For me, it’s unfinished business from ’93 that kept me coming back, and keeps me coming back season after season.

  • MOndo Medina

    Kings fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some can afford the 100’s seats others the 300’s… In all the great thing about it is the community it produces at every game. No other NHL team can match up to a Kings fan.

    I can not afford the 100’s seats but the tv, events, and 300’s seats will do just fine. For the past decade its been nothing but fun. Why change?

  • Naturallawyer

    I have season tickets for the first time this season because it’s the first time that both of the following simultaneously occurred: (a) I can afford season tickets (die hards), and (b) there is actually a remote chance of the Kings squeaking into the playoffs.

    Everyone loves (and will pay for) a winner…

  • socalkings

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because I love the Kings, and when I can SPEND THE TIME to go to all the home games, I’ll buy season tickets again. Until then, I’ll watch the games at home and make sure my two babies are die hard kings fans for the future!!

  • mcsquizy

    After also going to games since 1976, I want to be part of “IT” when “IT” happens…..

  • Dom

    I’m a KINGS fan no matter what. But this year, I might even go for a half-Season Ticket because I believe that Dean Lombardi has done a fantastic job rebuilding this Team – even if we don’t make the Play-Offs this year.
    Remember, we’re watching Kids on Skates, Miracles like last years “Chicago Scenario” don’t happen every year…..

  • Bob Bobson

    I’m buying a ticket to the Kings’ season opener on Saturday because I love hockey and I’m a glutton for punishment.

  • Mark

    I’m still a Kings’ season-seat holder because I still believe year after year that this team can make it to the promise land.

  • Shakes

    i live in NY now while my family is still in Huntington Beach and following the Kings is what keeps me connected to home….sorta along the lines of what Alex said. I would say following the Lakers comes close but frankly the first half of basketball season is a bit tough to watch…it’s like no once cares until after the all-star break. as for hockey i feel like every game always matters

  • Cynic

    …Because it’s hard to break a 30 year old habit. Actually, it’s a 30 year old loyalty I have to this team. There have been a lot of great moments, but the greatest one hasn’t arrived yet. The longer it takes, the sweeter it will be when it gets here. I’ve invested 30 years and my love for this team is a part of me. Won’t change it for anything, no matter how bad it gets (Which has been proven greatly over the last 7 years.)

  • Starlight

    I would have loved to buy season tickets (not sure how much they cost but I would certainly try), but I live in Europe so no such luck.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I watch every game on TV, but it’s more because I can’t drive at night. I do try to get to the day games.

  • kozak

    I had been a season ticket holder since 1985 and would have renewed if not for a job transfer to VA

  • blake

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because im a die hard kings fan in the middle of South Dakota where everyone likes the Wild or the Avalanche or the Wings and i don’t jump on the bandwagon and I’ve been watching kings hockey since i was born and my parents had it on tv in 1992.


    1. Because I live for Kings Hockey
    2. Because I live for Kings Hockey
    3. Because I live for Kings Hockey
    Any other questions?

  • KingsFan19

    “I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because …”I have followed the Kings religiously (since their inaugural season), and if you can claim to follow this team as a fan through years of mediocrity…you deserve to see the team lift the cup! Go Kings Go! And yes, I will make it to more games this season than I have ever done before!

  • HB Kings Fan #99

    Because they are on the upswing. As long as that continues to happen, how can you not stay along for the ride as a fan?

  • kingme

    I went to my first Kings game in 1973 when I was 12 years old. I am still a Kings season ticket holder because I love hockey and my greatest sports dream in life is too see them hoist the Stanley Cup around the Staples Center ice. I will keep hanging in there until they do, or I die.

  • Mongo Johnson

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because …

    1. Diehard Kings fan. Love Dustin Brown and happy to see the new veteran D addition.

    2. HD coverage!

    3. Having resisted “walk away” levels of frustration with the club the last two season, it is heartening to see some genuine action by management to shore up the team. (Please no more BAD goalie moves or Roenicks)

    4. I’ve quit attending games due to the above and the economy. 10-12 dollar beer is just silly. Too bad the Reign are so far in the boondocks.

    NOTE: Sure loved the non-traditional sound and camera experimenting the local clubs did last year.

  • PakiFro

    I can’t afford either, but I’ll still watch the Kings games religiously on TV this season because …”

    I actually can afford the ticket to the game but i’m not going to the opener this season because I have gone to everyone since 2002 and the Kings have not made the playoffs since. So i’m changing things up a bit. I will continue to religiously and attend my usual 5-10 games a year.

  • Brian S

    I got my first season seats in 2003. After last year I swore I was done. 7 days after my seats expired I just had to renew because I just couldn’t stand the thought of the team making the playoffs the year I stopped going. So the opener was a real bummer. But this is absolutely positively the last year I will be a ticket holder if they don’t make it, I’m pretty sure.

  • Brian S

    by they way, if you guys are going to keep this site alive AT ALL, you need to at least have some original content after the first game of the season. Otherwise why would anyone bother coming to it.

  • Naturallawyer

    Apparently the only people dumber than us ever-loyal Kings fans are the people that still read Hoffarth and the Daily News in print. And there are probably more of the former than the latter.

  • dirtmover

    Have and will continue to be season ticket holder since 81- good to see the site is still operational-

  • SuperSonic420

    I live in Tampa, so unfortunately I wont be going to any home games this season. I will be at the Kings – Lightning game on Nov. 14th and a few Tampa games as well. I of course will be following the Kings religously on Center Ice as I have the last 4 years. Oh, and still here. GL Tom and Gene, you’ve got huge shoes to fill! Go Kings!

  • marc

    Is there going to be anyone taking over this blog? We’re two games in and this is the only entry. I’ve had this as my homepage but I’m going to change it. This site was popular because of the work that Rich put into it. But if the Daily News isn’t going to put the effort into it then you might as well shut it down because no one’s going to come here.

  • HUN_mikee

    I live in Hungary, Europe.

    I hope I will see a kings game in the staples.
    I think it will happen somewhen in the next 50 years ๐Ÿ™‚

    Question: will this blog be continued without Rich?

    I think it would be better to link to his new page.
    I had just looked back whether something has changed..

  • wavesinair

    marc, It’s great to have the archives to look back on and reference, so for that reason alone, I really hope it stays online and functional even if it’s stagnant.

  • Matt R


    I’m pretty sure your question has been answered ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagine this will be my last post on this blog.

  • Brian S

    Hello? Hello?

    I suppose I’m going to be the last post.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I live in Dallas, TX so I watch the games on Center Ice. I became a huge fan when Gretzky arrived and was hooked the following year. I am hoping to go the Kings/Dallas games but it is too expensive to take a family of four so i mostly watch on TV

  • chuck

    This blog is officially dead. On to
    That’s why Rich got the promotion, he works his tail off. This site blows now!

  • DellaNooch

    Goodbye ITK, you’ve been my favorite website for the last two year, but it’s time to move on, see everyone over at Kings Insider.

  • Shakes

    it was a good run. see y’all on the flip side…
    i thought it was pretty cool that Rich’s first link on his site was the Daily News…

  • variable

    question to the daily news and mr. warnick…:

    hey, i’m curious…

    how would you finish this sentence a few weeks into the 2009-10 season…”

    “rich hammond leaves “inside the kings” and the blog……(blank)…..”

    a: will continue to thrive and give insightful commentary, up-to-date team information, in-depth reporting and continue to enhance its relationship with blog followers and supporters…

    b: will die because the daily news is so dense and financially strapped that they can’t do anything and did nothing…not even a follow up to their own question, pretending that the page doesn’t…or didn’t …exist…

    please take yr time with this question, as i know you will probably have difficulty reading it since yr webmaster has lost the password and/or misplaced the url…

    thanks for yr time and for listening….i think..(?)…

    craig schrader

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  • Decker

    R.I.P. Inside The Kings

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