Sutter postgame quotes 5/20


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach Sutter.

Q. Darryl, a question about the next game. You guys have been so
good on the road. Why have you been so good on the road? Do you have to
take that same confidence into the next game?
COACH SUTTER: Well, why is because we’re not a home-ice team. We’ve
had to start every series on the road. It’s a tough league to get down in
a series. It’s just like a lead in the game. You want a 1-0 lead, 1-0
series lead. That’s the truth.

Q. Coach, I overheard one of the management team of the Coyotes on
the way down say the first time they took the will out of your guys was
tonight. Do you agree with any of that at all? How does that carry over
into the next game as far as your will?
COACH SUTTER: Talking about? Was that a nickname?

Q. Not a nickname. Maybe the compete level.
COACH SUTTER: Not worried about our compete level. I don’t think
they are either.

Q. Any concerns going into the next game or do you still feel
confident you’re doing what you need to do?
COACH SUTTER: You got to win four games, right? They’re a home-ice
team. They finished ahead of us for a good reason, right? There’s not
much difference in the team.
I said to you guys who aren’t used to covering hockey, watching
playoffs a lot, the most important part of the playoffs are goaltending,
special teams, how your top players play. So just do it, right?

Q. Darryl, the power play continues to be a little bit of a vexing
thing for you. Also, did you think it was a bit of a sleepy start for the
whole team?
COACH SUTTER: First off, power play, you know, if you just look at
zone time, we probably have it in there most of the time, right? You start
each series on its own. We scored the two, five and three goals which made
a difference, which won us the game there. And tonight the power play, we
had looks up top, we took too much time. We basically never really looked
at it, but I’m going to bet that Gordon, Vermette and probably Pyatt
blocked more shots, pucks just hitting them in the pads. Quite honestly,
that’s poor shooting on our part from up top from guys that are supposed to
take that shot.
The start, I don’t know how many chances they had in the first
period. We had some chances, if you look at the series, most goals are
screen-tipped rebounds. I’m not sure we had enough actual screen on it.

Q. Your forecheck has been extremely effective. How were they able
to sort of neutralize it?
COACH SUTTER: They had a really strong forecheck. It was nothing to
do with ours, it was theirs. I think we had some guys had trouble
adjusting to the pace of how they played.
All of a sudden you’re not going to stop forechecking ’cause you won
a game or you lost a game. It really has no bearing on anything, right?
Both teams have an identity. It’s a close game. That’s what it was
They score a goal on the goalie rim, soft play out of the corner on
Doan, they score on the faceoff, right? Their captain took charge of the
game. Say what you want.

Q. Can you talk about your 8-0 road record. No concerns, right?
Going where you love it.
COACH SUTTER: You got to win four games. Do I like going back on
the road tomorrow? No, absolutely not. But that’s the way it works.
That’s why it’s four out of seven.
Did we think as not a home-ice team we weren’t ever going to lose a
game? No, it’s that simple. You’re supposed to play 28 games, not 12 or
13, 4 or 5. That’s what it is, right?

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