Devils coach entertains curved stick question

New Jersey Devils coach Peter DeBoer was asked Friday if he remembered the last time he called for an illegal stick check.
DeBoer said: “I actually do remember it. (laughter). Mike Richards would remember it, he was my captain in Kitchener.
“We had Corey Perry, who plays in Anaheim. We had all been together with the World Junior team. I had found, probably a little unethically by coaching him, that his stick was illegal at Christmas. We played London in the playoffs. I had Richy call Corey for an illegal stick. We actually got it. Didn’t score in the five-on-three. I think London scored shorthanded and we lost the series. It backfired. Yeah, it’s a funny story.”

Asked if he’d not called it since because it hasn’t come into play or not, DeBoer said: “Didn’t work. You know what, they changed the rule to make the bigger curves more legal since then. You know, you have to have a boomerang basically now in order to be called for that. So it’s not even an option.”

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