Jonathan Quick on the Kings’ loss to Detroit and getting back in goal

Here’s the second of three parts of Thursday’s Q-and-A with Jonathan Quick.

Question: How’s your communication with your defensemen, with all the new guys out there?

Quick: “Every play we’re talking to each other. Every time the puck’s in our end, we’re talking. I think we have certain commands for every time somebody has the puck and we see something. We try to do it a little more frequently, but at the same time you don’t want it be over-kill. You don’t want five guys yelling at you to do five different things. It’s about keeping it simple, no matter what the lineup is, no matter who is on the ice. It’s about keeping it simple, not over-thinking and just making the smart play.”

Question: Are you anxious to get back in there?

Quick: “Yeah, obviously, you always want to play the games. That’s why you work so hard all summer and during practice. You do all that work to play games and you do all that work to play them well. So, when you’re not playing them well, you always want to get back out there and try to do it again.”

Question: You mentioned wanting to play better, is there any one difference between now and last year?

Quick: “Yeah, more goals going in. That needs to be improved on.”

Question: Did the Detroit game linger a bit with you?

Quick: “Yeah, obviously, that was a tough pill to swallow. It kind of hurts a little more because you know how hard the team played in front of me all night long. They worked really hard and they deserved better. They finally tied it up and had an opportunity to play 4-on-4 overtime and possibly a shootout, and then you kind of lose that opportunity. Obviously, it’s going to sting a little bit. You feel like you let a lot of guys down. At the same time, that’s part of the position. That’s what I signed up for. You’re going to have some ups and downs and you’re going to give up goals that you’re going to want back and you’re going to make saves that maybe you shouldn’t have. That’s all what you signed up for. It’s how you handle it. I think it’s all about the next day. You’ve got to come back and work hard at practice, which I felt I have the last few days. You look forward to getting out there and trying to help your team win the next game.”


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