Takeaways and giveaways from the Kings’ loss to the Blackhawks (part II)

The Chicago Blackhawks are pretty good, with a 12-0-3 record after defeating the Kings on Sunday. So, maybe the Kings could have helped themselves by starting the game with a little more grit and speed and emotion than they displayed while falling behind 3-0 en route to a 3-2 loss. But here’s the second takeaway from the game:

At this moment, the Blackhawks are simply the better team. The Kings have a long way to go to catch them, and they might never overtake them in the standings. There’s time for the Kings to sort out what’s troubling them, but it needs to happen quickly. The lockout-shortened 48-game schedule doesn’t allow for lengthy break-in periods. The Kings need to sort themselves out before it’s too late to rejoin the playoff race.

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