Kings coach Darryl Sutter endorses use of visors to protect NHL players

He might seem more than a little old-school, but Kings coach Darryl Sutter is strictly cutting edge when it comes to protecting NHL players. He said he’s in favor of all players using visors in order to avoid the sort of injury that happened earlier this week to Marc Staal of the New York Rangers. Staal was hit in the eye with an errant shot.

Said Sutter: “I’m a proponent of the shield. These kids, they play their whole life with a shield or a cage, so why wouldn’t you continue to protect it once you’re playing at the highest level you can? That’s not Marc, that’s everybody. The kids that come from the American League take their shields off to play. The one time they shouldn’t have the helmet on or the shield on is warmups. I mean, that’s the only time they ever get to do anything without a (helmet) on the ice. …

“That should be their 16 minutes for people to see that he’s got blond hair or sideburns.”


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