Eight in Eight is Enough

My eight games in eight nights Southern California hockey odyssey ended with the Kings’ 3-1 victory Monday night over the Calgary Flames. A couple of fellow scribes have asked what I plan to do Tuesday. “Take the day off!” I said. In the end, this was an adventure of my own making. I could have begged off a game or two, but I wanted to see if the Kings could continue to play as well as they’ve been and I was really curious to see what’s happening with the Ducks. It’s a treat to see both teams playing so well at the same time, a rarity since the Ducks joined the NHL in 1993-94.

The final totals were:

Eight games, seven victories by the home teams. (Kings 4-1-0, Ducks 3-0-0).

Five trips to Staples Center (210 miles driven).

Three trips to Honda Center (195 miles).

Best game: Kings rally from 4-1 down to beat St. Louis 6-4.

Worst game: Ducks played only so-so and beat Calgary 4-0 on Friday.

Best goal: Jarret Stoll hitting nothing but water bottle with a perfect shot from the slot in the first period of the Kings’ 3-1 victory Monday over.Calgary.

Strangest moment: Waking up Sunday and not knowing what day it was.

Laugh out loud moment: Fellow hockey scribes couldn’t find their cars in the Honda Center parking lot, only to later see they parked next to each other Friday.

Best pregame press room meal: None.

Worst pregame press room meal: All of them.

Best drive: The 22 Freeway to Honda Center on Sunday.

Worst drive: The 110 Freeway at every hour of every day.




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