Darryl Sutter talks about Tyler Toffoli’s play that led to a Sharks penalty shot

I asked Darryl Sutter whether he liked Tyler Toffoli’s backcheck that resulted in a penalty shot for the San Jose Sharks’ Tommy Wingels in the second period of the Kings’ victory Saturday. Sometimes you ask questions you already know the answers to. Lawyers do it. So do sportswriters. This was one of those cases.

“You guys asked this morning about Tyler Toffoli, about what he was supposed to be or if he was a goal scorer,” Sutter said. “He’s a goal-scorer, but he’s a guy who obviously knows the game because he’s a very good penalty-killer and even this year, in his first year in the American League, he’s scored shorthanded goals. So he knows the game. He’s supposed to do that (backcheck). What do you mean, ‘Did I like that?’ You’re supposed to do that, right? You’re supposed to backcheck. If you don’t backcheck, you play in the American League or you don’t play at all, or you play over-age in the Ontario League. That’s not, ‘Did I like it?'”

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