Two ways to look at the Kings’ overtime loss to the Blues in Game 1

There are probably a million ways to analyze the Kings’ overtime loss to the St. Louis Blues in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series Tuesday. It’s possible to trim them  down to just two and still cover all the basics of a 2-1 Kings loss, however.

First, was that the best the Blues could offer? All this talk about revenging last season’s second-round defeat and ending the Kings’ eight-game overall winning streak against them, and that was the best we saw from the Blues? Pfffft. Nice try. St. Louis got one very fine goal from Thomas Steen and one absolute gift on Jonathan Quick’s misplay behind the net that led to Steen’s OT winner. But that was it. Yes, the Blues were physical, but the Kings gave as good as they took and were by no means pushovers. Plus, there was the no small aspect of Justin Williams sending the game to OT with a last-minute goal in regulation. Wasn’t exactly a great regulation finish for St. Louis. So there’s all that.

Second, the sky is falling. The end is near. Last year is last year. Quick wouldn’t have given up a goal like that if the Kings were destined to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. The next few games are sure to feature more gaffe-filled play by the supposedly unbeatable Quick. Better think about rebuilding for 2013-14. In the meantime, keep dreaming about what Tyler Toffoli can become while wearing out the DVD of Game 6 of the 2012 Final.

My take? Stick with the first scenario. Game 2 will be different. Promise.


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