Kings captain Dustin Brown talks about ‘closing time’ against the Blues

Here some of what Kings captain Dustin Brown said about the team’s approach to Game 6 of its playoff series against the St. Louis Blues. The fifth-seeded Kings can eliminate the fourth-seeded Blues with a victory Friday at Staples Center:

“Our game hasn’t changed much from Game 1 to now. Everyone understands. We went through it last year. Darryl (Sutter, the Kings coach) always says, ‘Four wins make a series.’ We just have to refocus. Today was an off day and we got treatment and you kind of get yourself ready to go. I think that feeling (of confidence) never left. We got down 0-2, but our confidence as a group and our belief system as a group has never really faltered. Being down 0-2, it’s one of those things you kind of have to deal with. We have the type of guys here who can deal with adversity and find a way to get the job done.

“Obviously, they’re going to be fighting for their lives. It’s important to understand how desperate they’re going to be, but it’s also important we have to play with — desperation is a scary thing to play with — we have to have a controlled calm in the group going into Game 6. If you’re desperate you get running around and you get out of place. It’s more about being even-keeled. You hear this a lot, but especially at home, it’s important to get off to a good start, especially after the start we had in Game 4. We found a way to battle back. You have a team against the wall, you get off to a good start, get a lead, it plants a seed of doubt early in the game and that can go a long way in getting the outcome you want.”

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