Kings apologize for insensitive Twitter comment

By Jill Painter

Staff Writer

If the Kings only had to apologize for their Game 4 2-1 loss to San Jose, that would’ve been alarming enough. Instead, the defending Stanley Cup champion Kings apologized for inappropriate comments made on the team Twitter feed during Tuesday’s game in San Jose.

Kevin Ryder, who does KROQ’s “Kevin & Bean Show,’’ was guest tweeting for the @lakings account during the game. When Anze Kopitar was tackled during the game, an insensitive comment likening it to sexual assault.

The Kings deleted the tweet and apologized: “We apologize for the tweets that came from a guest of our organization. They were inappropriate and do not reflect the LA Kings.’’

Ryder issued an apology, too, on his Twitter feed, too. Sort of.

“My apology. I made a poor choice in the wording of my tweet. I wish I had used different words. If you were hurt by me, I’m sorry. I get angry when groups like Deadspin see it as kindling to make a fire for themselves. That’s worse than my choice of words.’’

What’s worse is making light of rape.

The @lakings Twitter account has always fancied itself an edgy account with its tweets and this in its bio: “Just a quick note, we apologize for any future tweets that may offend you.’’

But that wasn’t enough on Tuesday.

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