Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick’s season-ending interview (part 3)

Saving the best for last, here’s what Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick had to say about his play during the regular season and during the conference finals:

“I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t very good throughout the regular season, but I was better later in the season. I had a big letdown this past series. That feeling of under-performing the last five games will sit with me. … I’ll feel the sting for a little bit. If I wasn’t 100 percent in January (after offseason back surgery), I wouldn’t have been playing. It didn’t have anything to do with my performance early on.”

Asked if the grind of the lockout-compacted season following surgery impacted his play, Quick said it had nothing to do with anything in the series against Chicago. Here’s more:

“There’s no need to reveal anything you’re going through (physically). Obviously, it’s a grind. You’re playing every other night. You had to deal with it. It’s more who’s prepared. I think Chicago was more prepared than we were. If you think of it as a grind, that’s what it will be. That’s what the season is. That’s what hockey is. You don’t use it as an excuse.”


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