Kings center Mike Richards season-ending interview (part 1)

Mike Richards sat out three games during the Kings’ conference finals loss to the Chicago Blackhawks because of a concussion suffered when Dave Bolland cracked him behind the net late in Game 1. So, Richards knows how hard-hitting the Kings’ playoffs were in 2013. Here’s more on his view of the physical play, starting with the first round victory over the St. Louis Blues: “I know, personally, it was one of the most grueling first series I’ve played. … I think this was the most physically draining (postseasons).”

Asked about losing to the Blackhawks, Richards said, “It’s always tough when you end the year in a losing way. There’s always a sour taste in your mouth. I still believed we could come back and win. Until the final goal, I felt we could move on. I really thought everyone believed we could win and we came up short. That’s the most heart-breaking part of it.”


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