Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi season-ending interview (part 1)

Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi was as baffled by the Kings’ lack of road success, especially during the playoffs, as anyone else. It was perhaps the main reason the Kings were eliminated from the conference finals in five games by the Chicago Blackhawks. The Kings lost all three games they played in Chicago and dropped eight of nine on the road overall in the postseason. Last year, they were 10-1 on the road during the playoffs.

“It’s a question I guess we’ll all be asking ourselves during the summertime,” Scuderi said. “If there was something we could have put our finger on, then we would have tried to eliminate it in the regular season. We didn’t have a great road record during the regular season, at least compared to years past. It carried over to the playoffs. When you think about it, it was our Achilles’ heel in the last round.

“I guess the short answer to the question is, I don’t know. If there was something we could have done or fixed during the season, I think we would have done it. … Me personally, I like to play in a place where there’s a great atmosphere. but certainly you feel more comfortable at home. But when there’s a great attitude in any road arena, it’s always fun to play. That’s my personal opinion. I don’t think guys were any more revved up at home. … As far as energy, we pretty much sat around for four months waiting for the NHL to open its doors to play, so I don’t think that can be used as an excuse.”


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