Kings forward Jarret Stoll ready for camp after a scary offseason episode

The Kings hit the ice for the opening day of training camp Thursday, and Jarret Stoll will be skating with his teammates. There was some question as to whether he would be fit to practice after he suffered seizures and was hospitalized one day back in July. Stoll said Wednesday he was given the OK to participate after a battery of tests revealed no connection between the seizures and a playoff concussion he suffered.

In fact, Stoll said doctors still don’t know why he fell ill on the morning of July 3.

“I took about three weeks to see doctors (during the summer),” Stoll said. “I went to Seattle and saw some doctors there and got great care here in L.A. Everything looks normal, 100 percent, so it’s just peace of mind, I guess, and I went from there. I feel good. I feel healthy. I wish I would have had a little bit of an explanation.”

Stoll said there was a family history of seizures.

“There is a little bit,” he said.

He was pleased to learn the seizures were not related to the concussion he suffered during the Kings’ second-round playoff victory over the San Jose Sharks.

“That’s the good news, I guess,” he said. “I’ve just got to be healthy and have a good season. I basically just took a week off after it happened. Maybe two weeks. I’ve been skating for a good month now. I don’t remember anything (from the incident), but my girlfriend, Erin (Andrews), she witnessed it. It was scary for her. It wasn’t easy for her to deal with, but she did a great job.”

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  • Chip

    Of course Erin Andrews did a great job. It was an opportunity for her to get her name in the news.

  • BW

    Some people can be so cruel. Why don’t we just wish him good health and both of them a great relationship?