Jonathan Quick interview (part 2)

Jonathan Bernier was Jonathan Quick’s backup the last few seasons before the Kings traded him to the Toronto Maple Leafs during the offseason. Miller and Quick have played together internationally for the United States over the years. Quick said he spoke to Bernier after Bernier fought with Miller during a brawl between the Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday, but hadn’t been in contact with Miller as of early Monday afternoon

“It happens from time to time,” Quick said of goalie fights. “The emotions get going and something like that happens. I know (Bernier), we’ve talked about things like that. He got into a few in junior. He wouldn’t shy away from it, obviously. I talked to ‘Joe’ (Bernier) last night. I haven’t talked to Ryan at all. I don’t believe there’s any injuries. The last thing you want is to see one of them get injured, whether it’s a face injury or a hand injury. You can break your hand easily. That’s the last thing you want to see either of them do.”

Asked if he could recall his best scrap, Quick said, “Who me? Off the ice or on the ice? Nah, I’ve been in a lot of little things that turn into fights, but nothing where you square off with anyone. I had ‘Hexy’ (former NHL goalie and Kings assistant general manager Ron Hextall) here for the first part of my career. Every time I’d get into a little scrum like that, I’d be waiting on a phone call afterwards from him telling me I’m an idiot. Coming from him, I’d didn’t know what to believe there.”

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