Jonathan Quick on goalies fighting: ‘We look like idiots when we do it’

Jonathan Quick of the Kings is friends with fellow goalies Jonathan Bernier of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres, so he didn’t have a rooting interest when the two fought during Sunday’s exhibition at the Air Canada Centre. Quick did offer a couple of no-holds-barred comments Monday about fights between goalies.

“We look like idiots when we do it,” Quick said. “We’ve got all that equipment on and you can’t really throw because of the chest protector. ‘Joe’ (Bernier) was able to get his arm out of his chest protector and was able to throw a couple of shots there. If neither goalie is able to get their arm out of their chest protector it’s just wrestling for, hopefully, 30 or 40 seconds until the lineman grabs you. It’s kind of pointless for goalies to do it. It’s so tough. You can’t land anything good if you can’t get your arm out of the chest protector.”


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