Predictions, we don’t need no stinking predictions, or do we?

Predictions stink. I hate doing them. I’m always wrong. Because if was right, I wouldn’t be doing this job. I would be in Las Vegas, making a living at predicting the future instead of merely guessing at it. But, hey, it’s fun, right? So here are my predicted playoff teams from the Western Conference. I won’t bother with the East because Detroit will kill everyone. Or maybe it’ll be Boston. Whatever. Here’s the West, in no particular order:

Kings, San Jose, Anaheim, Vancouver, Phoenix, Chicago, St. Louis and whoever the heck else you want to put in there, The Kings and the Blackhawks are the best teams in the conference, bottom line. The Red Wings and Blue Jackets were shifted to the East, so the West isn’t as strong as it has been. Therefore, the Ducks, Sharks and Blues are a cut below the Kings and the Blackhawks. Those are my feelings. I don’t think I’m wrong, but someone’s going to have to go out there and prove it to me over the course of 82 games.


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