Why is it the Kings never seem nervous or jittery in close games (part 2)?

How do the Kings do it? How do they manage to avoid the jitters in tight games?

Well, it helps having the unflappable goaltender Jonathan Quick backstopping the Kings, according to center Jarret Stoll. Quick’s quiet, easy-going manner on the ice masks an intense will to win. He doesn’t say much to his teammates in the heat of the battle, even during stoppages in play, but they don’t expect him to be chatty.

“That’s just ‘Quickie’ keeping us in games, doing his thing, keeping us in games and finding pucks,” Stoll said Friday afternoon. “One of his biggest strengths is finding the puck in a scrum. He just battles. He battles through everything. He sees the puck through screens. He sees the tips.

“He makes those tough saves look pretty easy for the most part. He’s a big reason why we win some games. … The type of guy he is, he’s just focused on his job, stopping the puck. Some goalies love to chatter a little more. ‘Quickie’ just does his job.”

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