Kings coach Darryl Sutter isn’t like most NHL coaches (part 1,000,005)

Coach Darryl Sutter often puts an unusual spin on the most straightforward of questions. Thursday’s postgame session, after the Kings dominated the New Jersey Devils with a 35-15 advantage in shots on goal but with a 2-1 overtime defeat by game’s end, was another case in point. Here’s his give-and-take with yours truly, who has been known to ask and ask and ask.

Reporter: “Were the players frustrated by a lack of goals despite such a wide shot disparity?”

Sutter: “No.”

Reporter: “Do teams generally not look at that stuff?”

Sutter: “I’m not sure. I’m not 29 other teams.”

Reporter: “I mean players in general, do they or you look up at the shot clock?”

Sutter: “In my mind I know what the scoring chances are, so I don’t put a whole lot into it. First off, guys (on the NHL’s statistical crew) are just, ‘Take, take, take, take. Oh, missed that one. Take, take.’ Sometimes it’s right. Sometimes it’s wrong. Tonight it was right.”

Sutter pushed an imaginary laptop keyboard when he said, Take, take, take, take.”

Finally, Sutter concluded: “Finish the deal.”

In other words, win the game.

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