What’s wrong with Dustin Brown?

Kings captain Dustin Brown has only 16 points in 54 games, including 10 goals. He has one point on the road, a goal in a shootout victory Dec. 3 against the Ducks. His average ice time of 16 minutes, 25 seconds is his lowest since his first full season in the NHL, when he averaged 13:59. He hasn’t scored fewer than 50 points in a full season since he had 46 in 2006-07. What gives? What’s going on?

When asked by reporters about the Kings’ overall frustration level after a 3-0 loss Tuesday to the Phoenix Coyotes, Brown said, “It’s kind of hard to tell. there’s a team-wide frustration and a personal frustration for some guys in here (the Kings’ dressing room). I mean, I’m frustrated with the way I’m playing. That doesn’t just lend itself to getting goals and getting points, but team-wide.”

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