What an eight-game road winning streak really means for the sizzling Kings

The Kings have beaten Colorado, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary (again), Philadelphia, Washington and Pittsburgh away from home to match a franchise-record eight-game road winning streak first set during the 1974-75 season. What does it really mean? It could be very important since the Kings are all but assured of starting the playoffs on the road as the third-place team in the Pacific Division.

The Kings are likely to play either the San Jose Sharks or the Ducks (whichever team falls to second place by the end of the regular season April 13). They’re also not likely to have home-ice advantage for the first round of the playoffs. No big deal, you say. The Kings never had home-ice advantage and went on to win the Stanley Cup championship in 2012. You must also recall that no other team in NHL history has gone from the No. 8-seeded spot to a victory parade.

The expected path to the Stanley Cup Final this year looks something like this for the Kings: If they defeat the Sharks or Ducks in the first round, they would then likely face the Sharks or Ducks in the second, and if they defeat the Sharks or Ducks, then would then play whoever emerges victorious from the St. Louis Blues/Chicago Blackhawks/Colorado Avalanche mosh pit in the Central Division. Again, the Kings would be on the road for the Western Conference finals.

So, the point is, winning eight in a row away from home is a good warmup for the playoffs, when the Kings are probably going to have to win and win and win some more on the road if they hope for an extended playoff run like the one in 2012.

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