Keys to the Kings-Ducks series (Part 2: speed, strength and home-ice advantage)

Keys to the series (Part 2):

4. Speed versus strength usually makes for a classic matchup. The Ducks are known as a fast team and the Kings are renowned for their muscle. In fact, the Ducks can play a physical game and the Kings can skate when presented with the opportunity. The trick will be for the Ducks to draw the Kings into a faster-paced game or for the Kings to lure the Ducks into a more grinding style of play.

5. Home ice often means everything in the playoffs. It could mean nothing in this series, with fans of the Kings attending games in Anaheim and fans of the Ducks attending games in Los Angeles. Long flights for the teams will be replaced by relatively short bus rides, depending on the traffic. Plus, the players, coaches and staff members can all sleep in their own beds for the next two weeks, a real treat.

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