Sunday question-and-answer session with Kings defenseman Drew Doughty

Question and answer session Sunday with Drew Doughty …

Question: You said yesterday morning that you didn’t think the Ducks would put rookie goalie John Gibson into Game 4?

Answer: “I was surprised. He played a good game. We need to do more to get to him, obviously. We gave him too many easy shots. We need to crash the net more and put people in front of him. He played good, but we have to do a better job.”

Q: Do you more film on Gibson?

A: “No, I don’t think so. For the most part, the goalies in the league are pretty much the same. We have a little sheet we have before every game. It’s pretty much the same things. He handles the puck well. He’s not good with traffic, so we have to get screens and tips. We have to get the second opportunities and put them in. We just need to bear down and get more goals.”

Q: Can the Manchester call-ups help with info on Gibson?

A: “I’m sure they could. Maybe we should get some insight from them. They’ve shot on him before. He was new to us. Like I said, it shouldn’t matter who’s in goal.”

Q: Are you guys too ‘cute’ on power play?

A: “I think our power play has been pretty good for the playoffs, to be honest with you. Last night in the first period, it’s there to kind of give us momentum. If we don’t score a goal at least give us some momentum and we failed to do that. The guys who are on the power play are our top players and guys who in that situation should take advantage of it and we didn’t do a good job of it in the first.”

Q: Surprised about recent goal drought?

A: “No, not surprised. This is our game. We’re not going to win games with a lot of goals at both ends. Our game is not giving up a lot of shots, a lot of opportunities. They got two early on us and we weren’t very good in the first. After that, we kind of started playing Kings hockey. We did a good job of that, but we didn’t score. You can’t win if you don’t score.”

Q: What do you expect now in the series?

A: “We’re just going to forget about those first four games. It’s a new series now and we’ve got to win two of three, and that’s what we’re going to focus on doing. Game 5 is the biggest game of the playoffs for us yet. … Really, the playoffs is about scoring big goals. We were doing that early in the series and winning games that way. They’re doing it now. We want possession of the pucks and we did that, but we failed to score goals.”

Q: What about the Ducks’ shot blocking?

A: “Sometimes it’s just about getting the puck to the net. Even though the guy blocks it, sometimes it’ll kick over to us and that’s just another shot at the net. I don’t think they do anything different. I also think our defense isn’t doing a good enough job of getting shots on net and a lot of that is on me, so we’ve got to do a better job. … We control our own destiny. We need to be working harder to find seams, to find shots. We need to do a better job, whether it’s our forwards getting us the puck or moving more to get open for them. It a whole team effort. We’ve got to work together more to create more.”

Q: What about the Ducks’ power play (4 for 9 in the last three games)?

A: “I think we can do a better job. Got a few bounces. Obviously, we miss those two players (injured defensemen Willie Mitchell and Robyn Regehr) in that situation because that’s their game, that’s what they’re there for (killing penalties). At the same time, we have guys who can step up and play in those spots. We’re fully confident in our penalty kill. It just hasn’t been up to par lately and we need to get back on track.”

Q: How do you see the matchup with Ryan Getzlaf’s line?

A: “We knew they were going to be good. They were good last night. We need to do a better job against them, whether it’s our forwards or our defense, we need to do a better job as a five-man unit.”

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