Darryl Sutter talks about limiting chances for Ducks and creating more for Kings

The Kings’ ability to stop the Ducks in their tracks over the final two periods of Game 3 was still a topic of much discussion leading up to Game 4. Here’s what Kings coach Darryl Sutter said of holding the Ducks to zero shots on goal in the second period Saturday and then three in the third of a 2-0 loss: “We weren’t trying to shut them down. We were trying to come back. Obviously, they were thinking more that way than we would be.”

The Kings lack of scoring in the final 40 minutes had more to do with the Ducks’ ability to keep them to the perimeter than anything Sutter’s team did or didn’t do in the final two periods. Here’s what Sutter said about fighting through the pressure: “How well they were able to keep you to the outside, that’s what jumps out at you. That’s not just forwards, that’s defensemen, too. They have to get through that, the blocking, the interference and the clogging up in front of the net.”

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