Bob Miller talks about the changes (for the better) at Madison Square Garden

Kings broadcaster Bob Miller took a look around the renovated Madison Square Garden before the team’s first regular-season game since the construction job was complete and didn’t recognize the place. The sight lines were much improved for the broadcasters, with better angles and lighting.

“In Madison Square Garden before they renovated it, our broadcast position,” Miller said before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday. “in my opinion was the worst in the league. It was a low angle and way back and to see the game, really see the game, it was very difficult to pick up players coming off the bench and coming into the game.

“And I would actually do more of the play-by-play off the monitor than in Madison Square Garden than in any other building because I couldn’t see part of the time. So now they’ve renovated it and put so-called bridges up, so you’re closer to the ice and you have a really nice angle looking down at the ice.

“So, on our telecast here this year, I said, ‘They’ve done a really nice job here in Madison Square Garden putting this bridge in so we have a nice view of the game.’ Then I said, ‘I’ve been doing games here for 41 years and tonight’s the first game I’ve ever seen.’”



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