Slava Voynov’s lawyer says suspended L.A. Kings defenseman never hit woman

Craig Renetzky, the attorney for Slava Voynov, told The Hockey News that the alleged victim in the case of domestic violence that resulted in the Kings’ defenseman’s arrest by Redondo Beach police early Monday morning and his indefinite suspension by the NHL was injured in an “accident.”

“Hopefully, the police will get that,” Renetzky said. “And we’re hoping the NHL looks at the new evidence and will lift the suspension. What the police will find out when they talk to her is that that action was not related to Mr. Voynov. I can’t go into complete details, but Mr. Voynov never hit the woman. This is really just a pure accident and we’re going to provide them with some additional evidence we hope they’ll present to the District Attorney’s office. And if they do, based on my experience, they don’t have a case.

“I think if the authorities ac properly and do a complete investigation, they will have to find that charges are not warranted.”

Detectives hope to complete their investigation and file their reports with the District Attorney by week’s end, Redondo Beach police Lt. Joe Hoffman told the Los Angeles News Group on Tuesday.

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  • robert


    This “rape” of Salva Voynov is the modern story of the “rape” by all woman against all men within American society and sports which includes the “rape” by the NHL Commissioner himself (against an innocent team player) which is unjustified under American law. That is to say, Salva Voynov’s “rape” (as exhibited by the news media), is the story about the “rape” of a “sports star” by a Commissioner, by feminist groups, and by the liberal news media. The “rape” boils down in essence to the question of “due process” Vs. “suspension” (rape) by the Commissioner, the News media, and such radical “feminists” as Gloria Allrod, who have now walked all over the “rights of men”. Salva Voynov is “innocent” man until proven “guilty” in a court of law. All else is simply “rape” and all of America knows this!