Player evaluation: Frolov



This season: 71 games, 23 goals, 44 assists, plus-1 rating.

Positives: Increased his assist total to 44, from his previous high of 36. That’s a positive development, considering Frolov has had the term “puck hog” attached to his name. As usual, Frolov was tremendously strong on the puck and seemed to improve his work ethic this season. He took a career-low 22 penalty minutes.

Negatives: Frolov’s goal total decreased from 35 to 23 and was more in line with the 24 and 21 he scored the previous two seasons. More passing, and fewer shots on goal (160, compared to 195 the previous season) factor in there, but Frolov needs to be more productive on the power play, where he scored only five goals this season.

Looking ahead: It seems that Frolov has had the word “enigma” attached to his name for a while, but he showed signs of breaking out of that this season. Continuing to share the puck will increase his value in the eyes of coaches and teammates, but Frolov can’t afford to get too far away from what made him a 35-goal scorer the previous season.

Contract situation: Signed through 2009-10 (cap number of $2.9 million next season).

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