Daryl Evans interview (part 2)

Here’s more from my interview with Kings radio analyst Daryl Evans, a former player who scored the winning goal in overtime in “The Miracle on Manchester” in the 1982 playoffs against the Edmonton Oilers. Evans looked back on the Kings’ late rally for a 4-3 victory over the San Jose Sharks in Game 2 of their second-round series Thursday.

“The Kings had a lot of chances in the third period,” Evans said. “They got a lot of pucks to the net, but it wasn’t until that last part there that I think they led everybody to believe there was a chance they could tie things up. Getting the first penalty, the power play, I think at that point I felt there was a legitimate chance.

“The Kings’ power play already connected once in the game. They had some momentum going and I thought that would be an opportunity for them. I didn’t expect to see another penalty just shortly thereafter. Once they scored that first goal, it’s so important the shift after a goal, whether you’ve scored on or whether you’re the team that scores, the Kings took advantage of that moment. It’s definitely one of those ones.

“It happens so quick. When you scored that first one, everyone says, ‘Oh, it looks like we’re going to go to overtime.’ You blink your eyes and sit in your seat again and all of a sudden it’s, ‘Well, now we’ve got hang onto this one.’ It was a great comeback. Good to be on the right end of it. I’m sure there are some other ones. The thing you have to look upon is the way it sways a series.

“As an individual game, that’s one big impact. But take a look at this one. If San Jose hangs on and wins that game, it’s 1-1 now (in the series). All of a sudden, it’s a whole different series. It’s a three out five. But it was a little bit of reflection. Look back a couple of years ago when San Jose came back from four goals down at Staples Center and beat the Kings at that time.”

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Kings announcer Daryl Evans recalls “The Miracle” and “The Frenzy”

It remains to be seen what impact the Kings’ rally to win Game 2 of their second-round playoff series has the rest of the way. It seemed to energize them immediately after the game and to deflate the San Jose Sharks. Daryl Evans is perhaps uniquely qualified to talk about what rallies do for a team in the playoffs.

“It was a great comeback,” said Evans, a Kings radio analyst who knows a thing or two about comebacks as the man who scored the winning goal in overtime to cap “The Miracle,” a 6-5 win over the Edmonton Oilers on April 10, 1982 at the Forum.

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Ten questions with Jim and Daryl


Following up on Don’s great feature yesterday, we bring you the answers from Kings color commentators Jim Fox and Daryl Evans. It’s another great look at two guys who spend a tremendous amount of time with the Kings all season long. Thanks to Jim and Daryl for participating and to Don for tracking them down…
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