Legends nights are here

The first of three Legends Nights with the Kings will be held Sunday, when the team honors former defenseman Jay Wells. The Kings will honor Wells, who played 604 games for the club between 1979-88, before Sunday’s contest against the Edmonton Oilers. Other Legends Nights will be held to honor defenseman Larry Murphy before the Dec. 7 against the New York Islanders and forward Jim Fox before the March 13 game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The team will wear its purple-and-gold throwback uniforms for those games. Players tested out the helmets, pants and gloves Wednesday in practice.

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Golf anyone? Dave Taylor/Jim Fox Golf Classic details here

The 25th annual Dave Taylor/Jim Fox Golf Classic will be held Monday (June 24) at the Moorpark Country Club in Moorpark. It’s for a good cause, benefiting cystic fibrosis patient care and research. You can sign up to play or become a sponsor by calling 323-939-0758 or by visiting losangeles.cff.org/golf. Several members of the Kings alumni will be on hand, although the exact list hasn’t been released as of Monday afternoon.

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It was “blockbustering”

As part of “turn back the clock” day, I found a story about the reaction of Kings players to the Wayne Gretzky trade. The highlight comes from Jim Fox.

”It’s, uh, pretty, uh, very, very blockbustering – if that’s a word. It’s got to be one of the biggest trades ever, and the first thing you think is ‘holy-moly.”’

Blockbustering and holy-moly, indeed. Of course, 20 years later, Jim is one of the best in the broadcasting business…

Here’s the rest of the story, for those feeling nostalgic.
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Ask Jim Fox, bonus edition


Jim Fox sent along the answer to a question that was posed a few weeks back. A special thanks to Jim, and to Bob Miller and former Kings television producer Bob Borgen, for coming out to the memorial get-together for Matt McHale last Saturday. Very much appreciated, as is Jim’s volunteer work on the blog. There were so many wine questions that I thought maybe we might consider asking Jim to do a monthly wine Q&A!


Provenzano said:
Hey Jim great to see you at the scrimmage today. OK if you were a particular
varietal what would it be and why? Are you a fan of central coast Rhone
wines? If yes a top five would be great! A big thank you for everything Bob
and yourself bring to this organization

Took a trip to Los Olivos a couple of weeks ago…I know you asked about
Rhone varietals, but I would like to give a Top 5 list of all wines tasted
on my trip…as an FYI, I went on a “wine Country Package” and we only
visited the wineries in our package, plus a couple of tasting rooms, so my
experience may be limited in this area…of the ones I tasted:

5. Sunstone 2005 “Rapsodie du Soleil” Syrah…black cherry,
raspberry…plum nose…
4. Fess Parker 2006 “Ashley’s Vineyard” Pinot Noir…dark cherry…intense
fruit…touch of menthol
3. Mosby 2005 “Ossessione” (Montepulciano)…currants…herbal
notes…balanced vanilla oak
2. Lincourt 2006 Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley…Plum, black
cherry…rich…hint of chocolate…nice balance of French oak…
1. Artiste “Attuned” (Bordeaux Blend)…great balance…dark fruit…green
pepper…sweet tobacco…touch of oak…

As I mentioned, this was a “limited” tasting, but I certainly enjoyed all of
the wines listed above…Sante!

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Ask Jim Fox, part 7

OK, here’s the last part of the question-and-answer session. Once again, major thanks to Jim for volunteering his time to give me an outstanding feature on the blog. One of the best parts of hanging out in El Segundo is getting to chat with Jim, get his insights and trade opinions with him. I hope everyone enjoyed the special “open forum.”
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Ten questions with Jim and Daryl


Following up on Don’s great feature yesterday, we bring you the answers from Kings color commentators Jim Fox and Daryl Evans. It’s another great look at two guys who spend a tremendous amount of time with the Kings all season long. Thanks to Jim and Daryl for participating and to Don for tracking them down…
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