The odds

Straight from the Wynn Las Vegas, here are the odds for winning the 2006-07 NBA championship. The Lakers are at 20/1 after opening at 30/1. The Clippers are at 20/1 after opening at 18/1. Perception has the two teams heading in different directions, I guess.

The favorites: San Antonio 7/2, Miami 4/1, Dallas 9/2, Detroit 5/1 and Phoenix 6/1

The middle: Chicago 10/1 Cleveland 10/1, New Jersey 15/1, Lakers 20/1, Clippers 20/1, Houston 20/1, Denver 20/1, Sacramento 20/1, Indiana 25/1, Memphis 28/1, Washington 35/1, Utah 40/1, Philadelphia 40/1.

The longshots: Orlando 50/1, Milwaukee 50/1, New Orleans 50/1, Minnesota 50/1, Boston 60/1, Seattle 60/1, Golden State 75/1, Charlotte 100/1, Toronto 100/1, Atlanta 150/1, New York 150/1, Portland 200/1.

It’s pretty amazing to see the Knicks with longer odds than Toronto or Charlotte to win it all. The teams whose odds have dropped the most are Chicago and Houston. The teams whose odds have dropped since Oct. 1 are Miami, Chicago and the Lakers.

My gambling on this trip ended yesterday thanks to the Redskins. I really could have used the NFL to institute a new 14-point play for the fourth quarter of that game.

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  • TheLakers

    Is there a link for the odds?