Seven down, one to go

The Lakers started bringing back their starters with about six minutes left in Sunday’s game, when Luke Walton and Lamar Odom got up from the bench and headed to the scorer’s table. Sasha Vujacic, Smush Parker and Andrew Bynum soon followed.

How much the Lakers can take away from their 94-91 victory over Phoenix is hard to say because the Suns refused to follow suit down the stretch. They kept Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and the rest of their starters off the floor and nearly forced overtime before Jumaine Jones missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis wanted to give some of his players extended minutes – – Odom played 33:42 while J.R. Pinnock didn’t play at all – – and get the Lakers a taste of victory against the Suns. That’s no small thing with the teams playing again in nine days on opening night. They could play as many as 11 times this season, including a seven-game playoff series.

“I thought it was important for us to start seeing guys want to have the will to win,” Rambis said.

There were a ton of miscues, though, some that showed up in the final box score and some that didn’t. The Lakers went down 87-82 with 3 1-2 minutes left after Walton was called for an offensive foul and Odom was hit with a technical for arguing the call.

Not a smart play late in the game. Odom then compounded his mistake by fouling Jones on a 3-point shot. Jones hit two of three free throws to put the Suns ahead by 5.

Give credit to Vujacic for following up a miss by Walton and scoring while being fouled with 1:32 left. Vujacic couldn’t convert the three-point play but his hustle was rewarded on the game’s second biggest play.

Walton then hit a 3-pointer with 41.9 seconds remaining that put the game out of reach. The Lakers turned over the ball 32 times but survived by grabbing 17 offensive rebounds and scoring 26 second-chance points. They also probably won’t see the Suns miss 19 of 23 3-pointers again this season.

The Lakers best stretch came at the end of the first quarter, which they ended on a 7-0 run. Odom swept to the basket with a nice drive, Jordan Farmar fired a pass to Walton for a 3-pointer and Walton knocked down a fadeaway as the Lakers held for the last shot.

In the meantime, Rambis has some work to do in raising the Lakers basketball IQ when it comes to playing the Suns.

“They’re small, we’re bigger than they are, and we’re taking outside shots, which is playing right into their hands,” Rambis said. “Once our guys got the feel of attacking them and getting the ball inside, those type of things really helped them.”

* * *

A Spanish language television station asked Kobe Bryant after the game about his thoughts on Shaquille O’Neal winning a championship with the Miami Heat.

“We just try to do what we do here,” Bryant said. “It doesn’t matter who wins the championship. We have to focus on what we can do and how to play better together and try to get to that point ourselves.”

Bryant was asked how realistic it is for him to play in Thursday’s preseason finale.

“I don’t know,” Bryant said. “We’re just going to take it day by day and go from there.”

Bryant offered advice to his teammates – – particularly Maurice Evans, Bynum and Farmar – – during timeouts and throughout the game Sunday.

* * *

There was a funny moment in the second quarter as the Lakers coaches were encouraging Bynum to run the floor and keep building on the great half he was having. Bynum tried to throw his weight around and wound up decking Marion for an offensive foul.

It was a case of being overly excited. During the next timeout, though, Kwame Brown came up to Bynum and said, “I like it.” Brown probably was happy just to see Bynum going hard after somebody other than himself. Brown is out three to four weeks with a shoulder injury thanks to a play that involved Bynum in practice.

By Ross Siler
Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO–With every dunk in the first half Sunday night, Lakers center Andrew Bynums second-to-last game as an 18-year-old grew more memorable by the minute.

Bynum punished Boris Diaw and the Phoenix Suns in the Lakers 94-91 exhibition victory. He clapped his hands and called for the ball early and went on to total 12 points, hit six of seven shots, and dunk four times in the half.

“Its not really a size thing, Bynum said. “Its just about beating (Diaw) down the floor and getting good position. Ive been working on that a lot in practice.

“We call it `post-man sprinting. I was just trying to get out in front of everybody, turn around and seal in the front of the lane and get an easy deuce.

It was a welcome development for the Lakers, who will open the season in nine days against the Suns without injured centers Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm, leaving Bynum to help fill the void.

Bynum finished with 16 points and nine rebounds in 25:32, matching the most points he has scored in any NBA game. He is still so young, though, that his teammates stole his shower shoes once again after the game, leaving Bynum in soaking wet socks.

“Then they put them back like I didnt see them, Bynum said.

The Lakers fell behind 10-0 in the opening three minutes but Bynum settled in by facing up the 6-foot-8 Diaw and putting the ball on the floor. He spun to the middle, then changed direction on Diaw and powered in a layup.

When he checked back in with 5:22 left in the second quarter, Bynum fought to position himself for a lob with Diaw fronting him on defense. He finally got the pass from Lamar Odom and dunked it home.

“There were a lot of sequences out there where he did some really good things using his size, Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis said.

The Lakers brought back their starters in the fourth quarter while the Suns kept theirs on the bench. Luke Walton, who finished with 19 points in his return to San Diego, drilled a 3-pointer with 41.9 seconds left to put the Lakers ahead for good.

Phil-in: The Lakers held their shootaround Sunday afternoon with coach Phil Jackson present at the teams practice facility. Then the Lakers boarded the bus for the drive down the coast and left Jackson behind.

Jackson has been a regular at the Lakers facility the past two weeks after undergoing hip replacement surgery Oct. 3. This could be the week that he returns to the job full-time.

“His schedule is his own schedule, Rambis said.

Although Jackson hasnt been in the public view, Rambis said he has been an “integral part of our discussions, meeting with his assistants to set out practice and game plans.

Bryant update: Rambis was asked if he had considered the possibility that Bryant – – who missed his seventh exhibition game Sunday – – might not be ready for opening night.

“Thats Phils problem, Rambis said to laughs. “We fully anticipate that he will be back to start the regular season, but if it doesnt (happen), then our guys have had a long training camp and preseason to deal with him not being in there.

Getting technical: Smush Parker was assessed his third technical foul of the preseason in the third quarter and had to be led off the court by Rambis.

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  • gdchild

    Despite the injuries, good to see some visible improvements from many of the Lakers, vets or rooks.

  • Richard

    Sorry, but after reading Kobe’s comments on Shaq winning the Ring w/ Miami, it exemplified what he’s all about: Himself. Sure, he used the “team” metaphor to cover what he most likely REALLY feels: he knows pretty much he’ll never get back to the Lakers’ previous winning ways when Shaq was around. At least not with this current ensemble of players. And no, KG isn’t coming to the Lakers, sorry. Just my rant, I’m out….

  • batman

    “We just try to do what we do here,” Bryant said. “It doesn’t matter who wins the championship. We have to focus on what we can do and how to play better together and try to get to that point ourselves.”

    How in hell does that quote exemplify what Kobe’s all about? Himself? Give me a break, richard! Enough of the hate! For such a cautious answer from Kobe, we get crap from richard.

  • Chris

    Hey gdchild, maybe you didn’t read Shaq’s recent comments about how HE single handedly won those titles for LA. Yup, that’s he said, “I won those championships for LA, it doesn’t matter who scored the most points, I won them.” Yeah Shaq…Kobe, Horry, Harper, Fisher, Rice, Fox, and the rest of the guys who were battle tested vets and who saved your butt plenty of times no matter…..please, Kobe doesn’t need to care about Shaq and his Referee created Dwyane Wade NBA Title, he needs to worry about the team he plays for and how THEY can get better. Ask Shaq what he think’s about Kobe or the Lakers, he will give u a blank stare until you ask the next question.

  • gdchild

    Hey, Chris, that retarded hate mail wasn’t from me. It’s from Richard, probably a Shaq nutrider.