Fashion statement

Lamar Odom is on a mission this season. It has nothing to do with being a first-time All-Star.

“I want the best-dressed award,” Odom said before Tuesday’s game.

There is no such thing, of course, and the competition is fierce across the NBA. But Odom has elevated his game for sure. Odom purchased a number of new suits for the season and wore a gray number with an aqua shirt and tie Tuesday.

Odom figures there is a benefit to being better dressed when it comes to the rap label he is running and T-shirt line he started. It also fits with Odom’s theme for the season of showcasing a newfound maturity. He ditched the crazy socks that were his old hallmark, unless he’s wearing jeans.

“Any place where the sun is shining,” Odom said, “I’m going to be sharp.”

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