Live game blog

I’ll be doing the live game blog tonight from Staples Center for the Lakers/Clippers game. If you’re catching your breath after the USC/UCLA game, I’d love to hear from you.

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  • Marlon Rambis

    Mr. Siler,

    First and foremost, I would like to commend you on your live game blogs. Though they are not yet as popular as ones you would find at the L.A Times, your writing and updates are certainly up to par and provide a reasonable alternative.

    To the point.

    Mr. Siler, what is your take on the Parker vs. Farmar debate? How can respected columnists possible advocate starting the rookie Jordan, who lacks respect from the referee’s, has not yet achieved advanced knowledge of the triple post offense, and did not “ride or die” (a term current Lakers have coined) with L.A last season?

    Moreover. Why do pundits so scantly report on the success Lamar Odom has had thus far? Considering the fact that he didn’t play, practice, or work-out all summer, is it not concievable that he is the biggest over-achiever on this over-achieving team?

    And when are you guys going to coin the “Kobe-Lamar, 24-7” anthem? Are you going to wait for the LA Times to do it first?

    Get with the program Ross.

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