The computer polls

We’re going to see today just what happens when you let computers and voters decide who plays in the BCS championship game. I thought I’d pass along a link to Jeff Sagarin’s computer ratings for the NBA. Sagarin’s ratings for college football are included in the BCS.

It’s interesting to note that the Lakers’ strength of schedule, which takes into account the number of home games a team plays, is ranked 23rd right now. Chicago is No. 1 and Memphis is No. 2. The Celtics have had the easiest schedule, which doesn’t say much when you consider that they could be the NBA’s worst team right now.

The Lakers took Sunday off, which means they will have a long shoot-around Monday to get ready for Indiana.

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  • Elyse

    It is also interesting to look at the records versus top ten and top sixteen teams. Lakers have only played four top ten teams (winning two and losing two), but they have among the best record in top sixteen at w 7- l 2. So even though they have been playing at home, they have been playing decent quality opponents.