Game-time decision for Kobe

Kobe Bryant still hadnt decided on playing in Wednesday nights game against the New Orleans Hornets as of this mornings shootaround. Bryant said of his sprained right ankle, “It looks worse than it feels.

“This morning it felt pretty good, Bryant said. “Were just going to hold off till tonight, then see how it feels. . . .We just want to make sure its ready. If its ready to go, then Ill play.

Bryant said he was up again all night doing rehab exercises when he should have been sleeping. He shot a couple of jumpers and did some light jogging at shootaround.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson said he was encouraged that Bryant was considering playing two days after sustaining the injury because “at least it doesnt seem like its going to be a long-term thing.

“Its hard to tell with these things, Jackson said. “Weve told him that if he feels inhibited by it, not to put us at risk or himself at risk.

“I have confidence that he knows whats best for himself in this situation. He does want to play but he knows when hes jeopardizing himself or his teammates or his game.

Maurice Evans would start if Bryant ultimately decides not to play. The Lakers played all eight preseason games without Bryant as well as the first two regular season games.

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