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Chris Webber was just interviewed at halftime of the Bulls-Nets game on TNT. He said he wanted to go to a team that could compete for a championship as well as a team that looked at him as a starter. Webber also denied reports that he’s heading to Detroit as premature.

“Really, I just want to go somewhere I can win. So I’m looking at all the obvious teams,” Webber said. “I think the Lakers are great. They play with the ball and the triangle offense is probably the greatest offense. They have a great coach and probably the best player in the league in Kobe.

“Then Miami has great players there and a winning tradition and a great coach. Dallas, San Antonio, even a team like Orlando intrigues me to play with a guy like (Dwight) Howard and Grant Hill. So right now I’m really just trying to weigh my options and hopefully see what happens.”

More from Webber:

“Somebody has to look at you the way that you look at yourself.”

That was part of Webber’s answer to a question from Charles Barkley about whether he would be willing to come off the bench. Webber has started 777 out of 779 games in his career.

“I just someone to know that last year I had a really good season when my knee hurt, and now that it doesn’t, being in a situation where I’ll be used in any which way they want me to be used, that they’ll let me play my game.”

“I think I can be versatile and switch and play forward or center. I really wouldn’t mind starting at center on a team. I think that would give me an advantage. Many people haven’t thought about being smaller but being able to check them on the post but having to have them come out and check me on the pick-and-roll or something like that.”

Webber had a couple of good lines, telling Charles Barkley that the two of them should go play for the L.A. Galaxy. Webber also said he would have to flee to Africa “like Wesley Snipes” if he revealed how much he got in his buyout from the 76ers.

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