All Star Weekend

Hi everyone,

Ramona Shelburne here. Looks like I’ve drawn the long/short stick –depending on how much fun you think Vegas is with 10 times as many people as normal — and will be covering the NBA All Star Weekend from Las Vegas.

I just arrived this afternoon and already, you can sense a bit of madness in the air. Upon exiting I-15 on Tropicana Blvd., the first thign you see is the Statute of Liberty out in front of New York New York wearing a gigantic Josh Howard replica jersey. At first I just laughed — and there was plenty of time to dwell on it with the massive traffic jam — but I couldn’t help but wonder how large of a room you had to be in to be able to construct such a mammoth jersey. … I asked some of the NBA staff about it. The most impressive thing about the jersey they said, is that it is a true replica of the jersey Howard will wear in the All-Star Game on Sunday. The same material and everything.

Directly across the street, Adidas features Kevin Garnett in a monster-sized poster on the side of the MGM Grand with the slogan, `Impossible is Nothing.’ Once you’ve seen the size of that jersey, you believe it.

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