Arenas holds court

Washington Wizards’ point guard Gilbert Arenas is making a run the Magic Johnson Award that’s presented annually for the Professional Basketball Writers Association to the most media friendly NBA player. [ep

The award normally goes to good-guy types like Seattle’s Ray Allen or the Clippers’ Elton Brand. But for entertainment value, there’s no one out there like Arenas (Grant High of Van Nuys).

“People like entertainment. Nobody wants to hear the same thing, no one wants coffee and cream everyday, you got to spike it up a little bit,” Arenas joked. “Ten, 15 years from now, I’m going to be out of the league no one is going to care about what I say. I might as well just have fun with it now. I’m not going to say anything too stupid. I may say some stupid stuff, but it’s going to be funny. I’m a funny guy.” [ep

Arenas has spawned mini-scandals with his comments about Kobe Bryant, Mike Krzyzewski and Wizards’ coach Eddie Jordan. After his last spat with Jordan, Arenas said he was ducking calls from his father, Gilbert Arenas Sr., because he knew his dad was mad at him. [ep

Maybe just a little, Arenas Sr. said. [ep

“Nah, we just critique each other,” Arenas Sr. said. “Like he commented on my hat today. We just nitpick at each other all the time.” [ep

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