Kobe “excited” about Kidd talk

Unwieldy contract be damned. Bad back? No problem. Kobe Bryant isn’t thinking about any of the negatives attached to a trade for Nets point guard Jason Kidd. [ep

“This team is young and if you have the opportunity to bring a player like Jason Kidd in, that’s something you definitely definitely have to look at,” Bryant said Saturday before the West All-Star team practiced at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. “I hear all the talks going on. I don’t know the seriousness of it, or the possibility of it, but it’s still exciting. [ep

“If something is coming down the pipe, we’ll definitely talk about it.” [ep

Kidd, who is 34 next month, is due $41 million dollars over the next two seasons so acquiring him would probably force the Lakers to pay luxury taxes. [ep

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  • walter

    the laker should do a 3 team deal involving the nets,blazers and lakers.

    send brown to protland for Magloire then send Magloire to the nets along with parker,mihm,mackie,Williams and get kidd.