Playoff preview audio

Hello to everyone. This is Rich Hammond and I’ll be taking over the Laker beat (as well as this blog) as Ross Siler has moved on. Steve Dilbeck and I will be off to Phoenix tomorrow night but for now, here’s a link to the podcast you’ll be able to find on the Daily News website. It’s myself and deputy sports editor Matt McHale, discussing the playoffs and the Lakers’ prospects.

Laker playoff preview

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  • gina

    Why did Ross leave the dailynews?

  • stu

    Where’s Ross? He was the best beat writer around! Is this for real?

  • Emplay

    The Lakers will aquire Dorell Wright from the Miami Heat.

  • tim

    what happened to ross? wish him all our best, many of us have really appreciated his blog as the best one for the inside scoop on the lakers.

  • titi

    Did Ross quit? or was he fired?

    he was great doing his work and to be honest I don’t like your reporting because you’re always laker hating, Ross had a balance to his reports and was not just wrinting the negative about the team.

    This is L.A and at least in L.A we need support for our team, not just nice things to say, but not all bad either.

    What a shame that Ross will not be wrinting for the Lakers anymore.

  • gdchild

    Too bad. Both of you seem to be quite biased against the Lakers/Kobe.

  • Michael Teniente



  • Rich Hammond

    My apologies…I should have clarified. Ross has taken a job covering the Utah Jazz for the Salt Lake Tribune. At the moment he’s down in Houston covering his new team. I’m sure he will appreciate all of your support.

  • Binh Nguyen

    How the heck he took a job covering the Jazz over the Lakers? Maybe he will be paid better?
    Just wish you good luck Rich!

  • joninjapan

    well I’m looking forward to following this series with you..

    am i correct in assuming that the “Gameday Live” is only for the home games?