Lakers postgame

Thought you guys might be interested in what Kobe Bryant had to say after Thursday’s Game 3 victory over the Suns.

“We made a lot of mistakes offesnively still, but when you have that hustle, when you play really hard particularly on the defensive end, you still give yourself a chance to win.

“They (Phoenix) have an explosive team and they jumped on us early. Going back to the time out, I just told the guys it’s not a big deal. Since they’re and explosive team, they’re going to do thsi everyone in a while. The key is for us to just get our boundaries set and the great thing about it is that we still have 45 minutes to get back in the game.

“There’s nthing that you could do besides that but just play harder. When you’re in this position, down 2-0, you can put your tail between your legs and run or fight. I made a statement earlier in the week that this game would be a good indicator to see how many fighters we have on this team. And to a man, everybody stepped up and responded to the challenge.

On Kwame’s performance:

“Like Willis Reed. It was fortunate for us, it was his good ankle. … he came back in a he played well. From the geginning of the game throughout, he played extremely well. He didn’t get discouraged when he didn’t finish plays inside. He just continued to be aggressive adn continued to attack. That’s what we need him to do at both ends of the floor.

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  • Binh Nguyen

    Thanks for the post game cmt